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Jaren Hall

Jaren Hall

Jaren Hall

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Jaren Hall draft profile

High School and College Career

Jaren Hall amassed 5,109 passing yards and 52 touchdowns in hishschool. His talent did not go unnoticed, and he was named the No. 3 quarterback in Utah and the No. 20 dual-threat quarterback in the nation in the 2016 class. With his impressive stats and rankings, Hall landed a spot on the Brigham Young University (BYU) football team.

In 2018, Hall redshirted, and although he played little in his freshman season in 2019, he showed promise, appearing in four games and throwing for 420 yards on 46 attempts. Hall had a completion rate of 67.4%, averaging 9.1 yards per pass, with one touchdown and four sacks. His quarterback rating (QB rating) was 103.5. Unfortunately, Hall missed the entire 2020 season due to an injury.

However, in 2021, as a sophomore, Hall bounced back, playing in 10 games and putting up impressive stats. He passed for 2,583 yards on 296 attempts, with a completion rate of 63.9%, an average of 8.7 yards per pass, and 20 touchdowns. He was sacked 12 times and recorded a QB rating of 107.1. Hall also proved to be a versatile player, finishing the season as BYU’s second-leading rusher with 307 net yards on 62 carries and three touchdowns, averaging five yards per carry.

Hall’s excellent performance in 2021 earned him recognition from various outlets. He was named to the Phil Steele All-Independent First Team and awarded the Pro Football Network Independent Quarterback of the Year. He also earned a spot on the Pro Football Network First Team All-Independent Offense.

In his junior year of 2022, Hall played in 12 games and continued to excel. He passed for an impressive 3,162 yards on 376 attempts, with a completion rate of 65.7%, averaging 8.4 yards per pass and recording 31 touchdowns. He was sacked 12 times and boasted an outstanding QB rating of 112.7. Hall recorded 379 yards on 63 carries as a runner, averaging six yards per run.

Jaren Hall Scouting Report Introduction

Jaren Hall, the BYU quarterback, is a developmental prospect at QB due to his raw talents and athleticism. Despite these strengths, however, he will need further honing in order to become more consistent in the routine plays of NFL timing and accuracy.

Hall has excelled as the Cougars’ starting quarterback over the past two seasons, posting 58 total touchdowns while completing 65% of his passes. He comes from a family with deep ties to the BYU football program, with his father, two brothers, and mother all having played or competed for the school.

As a passer, Hall’s abilities are extensive. He can throw with velocity from the pocket, display touch on throws overtop of second-level defenders, and throw with precision accuracy on shorter throws while rolling out to his right. He is also skilled at living outside the numbers as a passer, pushing throws with velocity and timing to both outs and comebacks outside the numbers. Additionally, Hall has shown spatial awareness by throwing back-shoulder passes against man coverage and protecting his receivers on back-shouldered wheel routes against scraping safeties.

Hall’s athleticism allows him to extend plays and make explosive plays on the ground as a complementary piece of BYU’s running game. Hall’s durability is a cause for concern, given his stature as a quarterback. He suffered multiple injuries, including a season-ending injury in 2020, two concussions in 2019, broken ribs or a lower-leg injury in 2021, as well as a right ankle injury in 2022.

Hall has likable mechanics and footwork when making quick reads, but he is not yet a rhythm passer and may need to polish his progression timeliness and anticipation of defensive leverage at the NFL level. He may also need further refinement in order to become more consistent with half-field reads and spot throws. Although his age may work against him from an NFL draft resume perspective, his raw physical ability is too much to ignore, and there is a sweet spot in the draft for his upside while mitigating the risks of his non-traditional resume and path to the pro game. In the short term, however, expectations for Hall should be tempered as he still requires further development before being pushed into action. His worst-case scenario would be a long-term backup quarterback.


He seems to have a natural affinity for the position, and thus, he looks composed on the field, demonstrating excellent decision-making abilities that are impressive for someone who is still new to the position. He exudes confidence in his movements and decisions, which is attributed to his experience in other athletic disciplines.

Physically, Hall is a natural athlete who possesses the balance and light feet necessary to float in the pocket. He is not just a standard quarterback; he is a dual-threat quarterback. He poses enough of a threat as a runner to earn respect from back-side defenders at the next level, which opens up opportunities for running backs. His athletic footwork and mobility allow him to move the ball down the field in critical moments.

What makes Hall a standout quarterback is his accuracy. He has excellent overall accuracy, including exceptional accuracy on short-timing routes to backs and receivers, placing the ball in front of them, and giving them the potential to score after the catch. He can drive the deep out to the sideline from the opposite hash and every throw on a receivers route tree.

As an instinctive runner, Hall uses stiff arms, and runs with good body strength, which has made him a tough competitor and earned him the respect of his teammates and fans. He is patient in the pocket, displaying an ability to read the defense and work through his reads quickly quickly. He is accurate and has the touch to deliver the ball where only his receivers can catch it.
His unique skill set acquired through his experience as a baseball player, alongside his natural athleticism, make him a dual-threat quarterback that can threaten defenses in multiple ways. His ability to read the defense quickly, demonstrate excellent accuracy, and stay calm under pressure make him a natural leader on the field. He is a quarterback that any team would be lucky to have on their roster.


At around 6’1″ and 205 pounds, Jaren Hall falls slightly below the average size for a quarterback. Additionally, he has had a history of injuries, raising concerns about his ability to stay healthy in the future. While size and injury risks are important factors to consider, they are not necessarily determiners of success or failure.

When evaluating Hall’s skills on the field, it is clear that he thrives when he is on the move. He makes many successful pass plays when he is on a roll-out or moving the pocket. However, when he is confined to the pocket, his performance suffers. He is more prone to making half-field reads and can struggle with accuracy when he is unable or unwilling to set his feet.

One of the concerning habits that Hall possesses is his tendency to throw off of his back foot when the pocket collapses around him. This results in faded throws that lack the necessary power and precision to be effective. When he is on the move, he sometimes sacrifices accuracy by relying too heavily on his arm and failing to fully utilize his lower body.

Another potential issue with Hall is his age. He will be 25 years old by the time of the draft, which is relatively old for a college quarterback prospect. Additionally, he does not have a significant amount of full-time playing experience, which could limit his ability to adjust to the demands of the NFL.

Jaren Hall is the 114th prospect on our draft big board.