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Jarrett Patterson

Jarrett Patterson draft profile

Jarrett Patterson

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Houston Texans
Offensive line, Center
Jarrett Patterson draft profile

High School and College Career

Jarrett Patterson’s football journey began in Mission Viejo High School where he earned a 4-star rating. He ultimately chose to join the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

As a freshman in 2018, Patterson’s playing time was limited to just three games and 16 snaps. He gave up no quarterback hurries, hits, or sacks during his limited on-field appearances.

Patterson’s sophomore year in 2019 saw him playing in 13 games, with a significant increase in playing time of 854 snaps. Despite the increased playing time, he only conceded five QB hurries and two QB hits, again showing his prowess as a center.

By his junior year in 2020, Patterson’s skills continued to improve as he played in eight games and contributed 563 snaps while maintaining his position at center. He gave up eight QB hurries and one QB hit, cementing his reputation as a reliable player in that position.

His 2021 season as a senior proved to be another solid year for Patterson. He appeared in 13 games and played for a total of 918 snaps, holding the center position once again. Throughout the season, he allowed 11 QB hurries and one QB hit, showing his consistency and dependability for the Fighting Irish.

As a fifth-year senior in 2022, Patterson continued to impress but with a different role, now playing at left guard. Despite the position change, he saw action in 11 games, playing a total of 748 snaps, allowing just six QB hurries and one QB hit, solidifying his versatility as a player.

Jarrett Patterson Scouting Report Introduction

Jarrett Patterson has proved himself as a reliable and dependable player on the Notre Dame offensive line for the past four years. With experience as both a center and left guard, there are varying opinions on which position he is best suited for at the next level. Nevertheless, his versatility and experience bode well for his prospects with NFL decision-makers.

One of Patterson’s great strengths is his size, which is well-suited for an interior offensive lineman. His height is complemented by a stocky lower half, giving him an imposing presence on the field. Although he is considered an average athlete with decent foot quickness and lateral agility, Patterson’s ability to run block is a standout attribute. This is evidenced by his excellent pad level, which is particularly notable considering his height. He possesses overwhelming leg drive, enabling him to generate movement and create holes for running backs to exploit.

In addition to his run-blocking prowess, Patterson’s balance is particularly impressive, allowing him to be a natural knee-bender and seldom over-leveraged. With above-average power at the point of attack, he can move defenders out of the gap but isn’t necessarily considered a mauler as he can be stood up by bigger defenders. Nevertheless, he excels when working on combo blocks where his excellent timing and placement allow for movement downfield. Patterson also displays a formidable physical temperament and works hard to maintain blocks.

However, Patterson’s athleticism does have its limitations, which can make him less effective when asked to play in space and land on moving targets. Oftentimes, he lacks the necessary foot coordination, which can result in him finishing plays on the ground.

As a pass blocker, Patterson’s punch timing and placement are both impressive, as is his overall instinct. He can quickly pick up on stunts and games and even calls out blitz protections. He also has an above-average anchor, which allows him to sit in his hips and resist speed to power moves effectively. However, at times, he can be vulnerable when the defender gets into his chest plate, causing him to invert.


Patterson also has a sound understanding of blocking angles and how to use his body positioning to his advantage. He shows disciplined awareness on the field and possesses good intelligence, which allows him to make quick, informed decisions while playing.

Despite his taller frame, Patterson maintains good leverage while playing and is a surprisingly good mover for someone his size. He demonstrates fluidity and flexibility when blocking on the second level, showing that he is able to adapt to new situations and make plays for his team.

While Patterson still has room for improvement as a player, he possesses high-end physical traits that set him apart from others. He is light on his feet despite his 300-pound frame, and he is a natural knee-bender, which allows him to play with balance and leverage.


Jarrett Patterson is a highly mobile player, exhibiting remarkable agility and nimbleness for a guard. However, despite his adeptness in evading defenders with his agility, he falls short in possessing the vital range and size required to hold his own against formidable NFL pass rushers.

As a pass protector, Patterson’s rawness shows, as he appears choppy and unnatural in his movements when shifting back into his set, often assuming an upright position that makes him susceptible to being overpowered by his opponents. He also proves to have difficulty maintaining engagement, particularly when operating on the second level, which can greatly hinder his effectiveness on the field. Additionally, his tendency to exhibit sloppy hand placement can cost him the critical power needed to keep his opponents at bay.

While Patterson may appear to favor pass protection over run blocking, he may experience trouble in the face of larger interior defenders who possess the ability to get close and overpower him, given his relatively short arms. Despite his impressive mobility, his lack of size and range may prove to be major shortcomings in his overall effectiveness as a NFL guard.

Jarrett Patterson is the 120th prospect on our draft big board.