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Jerome Carvin

Jerome Carvin draft profile

Jerome Carvin

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Kansas City Chiefs
Guard, Offensive line
Jerome Carvin draft profile

High School and College Career

Jerome Carvin, a 3-star recruit from Cordova High School, decided to join the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

During his freshman year in 2018, Carvin was able to play in nine games for a total of 365 snaps for the Tennessee Volunteers. Carvin, primarily playing at right guard with some snaps at left guard, allowed five quarterback hurries, two quarterback hits, and three sacks.

Carvin played in ten games during his sophomore year in 2019 with a total of 422 snaps. While playing most of his snaps at right guard, Carvin conceded seven quarterback hurries and avoided quarterback hits or sacks.

In 2020, during his junior year, Carvin played in seven games and totaled 273 snaps. Carvin continued to play mostly at right guard and gave up four quarterback hurries, one quarterback hit, and one sack.

During his senior year in 2021, Carvin’s performance improved drastically as he saw action in 13 games and played a total of 896 snaps. While playing the majority of his snaps at left guard and some at center, Carvin was able to concede only seven quarterback hurries and two quarterback hits with no sacks.

During his fifth year in 2022, Carvin saw action in 12 games and played a total of 791 snaps for the Volunteers. Playing exclusively at left guard, Carvin was able to keep his performance steady by allowing only seven quarterback hurries, two quarterback hits, and one sack.

Jerome Carvin Scouting Report Introduction

Carvin is mechinacally and technically sound, and he positions his body well in order to win. He does this by staying square and getting his body in good positions to win. Carvin is known for being a big-bodied blocker who can absorb power and showcase a sturdy anchor, making opponents unable to make any progress when playing through him. He is also a coordinated blocker who plays within himself and rarely gets overextended or out of control. This experience is evident on the field, where he executes with good timing and awareness.

However, it is also important to note that Carvin is not overly dynamic in terms of power or mobility. In fact, he doesn’t offer much in the way of lateral movement skills or range. His movement skills are quite ordinary, and tasks such as longer pulls and getting into space can come with inconsistency. Carvin also has a tendency to be late and wide with his hands, which impacts his reach and leads to opponents being able to work into his frame.


Jerome Carvin has the ability to anchor himself against larger defenders in the middle of the field. He also has a keen understanding of defensive angles and is able to reset his hands to maintain distance from opposing players.

Carvin’s athleticism allows him to help out in situations where he may need to pick up a late blitzer or twist. This agility also enables him to mirror quick interior rushers, making him an asset to his team’s run and pass game.

Furthermore, Carvin’s upper-body strength and strong hands allow him hold his own and outbattle defenders in tight spaces. He also understands angles well when moving out to the second level.

As a prospect, Carvin has the chance to develop as a right tackle or even an inside guard. His versatility as a player would make him an interesting prospect for a zone-blocking team. At the very least, his flexibility to play multiple positions would make him a quality reserve player.

Carvin’s skillset is not limited to the interior offensive line. He is also exceptional in the screen game. His instincts allow him to deceive defenders, and his mobility enables him to get out in front and land solid blocks.

In terms of his technique, Carvin uses his length to his advantage, aggressively using his hands to land solid punches. As a run blocker, he is able to move to the second level with balance and coordination. His disciplined awareness and good intelligence make him a fundamentally sound addition to any offense.


One of the main issues with Carvin is his inconsistent kick slide, which often sets him up too high during a play. This can be a problem because it leaves him vulnerable to strong and powerful defensive players who are capable of pushing him around on the field.

Additionally, Carvin’s average quickness off the snap can also be concerning. He doesn’t possess the acceleration or arm length required to quickly move around defenders once they cross his face, making him an easy target for speed rushers. This lack of agility puts him at risk of being pushed backward by speed-to-power rushers on the next level of play.

Jerome Carvin is the 168th prospect on our draft big board.