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Joe Tippmann

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Joe Tippmann

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Joe Tippmann draft profile

High School and College Career

From Bishop Dwenger High School, Joe Tippmann was rated a 3-star recruit before joining the University of Wisconsin.

Tippmann’s freshman year in 2020 was a modest one, with the young player only seeing action in one game and playing a total of 11 snaps for the Badgers.

By his sophomore year in 2021, Tippmann had truly come into his own. Playing in 12 games and a total of 687 snaps, he proved his worth as a skillful and reliable center. Despite the pressures of the game, Tippmann impressively conceded only 2 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and not a single sack throughout the entirety of his sophomore season.

Tippmann continued to make strides in his junior year in 2022. Once again playing in 12 games, he totaled an impressive 758 snaps. Although he gave up one sack that season, he still managed to keep his QB hurries and hits to a minimum.

Joe Tippmann Scouting Report Introduction

Joe Tippmann, a center for the Wisconsin Badgers, is a prospect in the upcoming NFL draft. He was named Indiana Mr. Football offensive lineman in his senior year and credited with 102 pancake blocks. His college career initially started slow, as he redshirted as a freshman and only played in two games the following season. However, he took over the starting center position in 2021 and played a pivotal role in the Badgers’ No. 2-ranked rushing attack in the Big Ten conference.

One of Tippmann’s greatest strengths as a player is his combination of raw power and athleticism. These qualities are evident in his ability to latch on to and anchor against his opponents. In the run game, he plays with a strong base and active feet while engaging with defenders, effectively washing them down the line in zone game plays. Additionally, he can effectively utilize a defender’s momentum against them by driving them in a specific direction. Tippmann is a reliable duo blocker, able to handle bigger and more physical defensive tackles. His athleticism and quickness are evident as he climbs to the second level and attacks linebackers with effectiveness. He is also impressively quick out of his stance as a puller, getting out into space and engaging well against defensive backs. He plays with a physical demeanor and finishes blocks with authority.

In pass protection, Tippmann’s lateral agility allows him to effectively mirror defenders in short, condensed spaces. He exhibits great spatial awareness, keeping his head on a swivel and locating incoming defenders to make contact. When left uncovered, he acts as a bumper for his interior teammates. Additionally, his hands fit well on initial engagement, and he can detach and re-fit his hands to regain momentum and stabilize his blocks. Notably, he has been very reliable in pass protection, allowing only one sack in two years for the Badgers.

However, Tippmann’s height can pose a challenge for him, as he must work harder to get underneath his opponent’s pads. He can be inconsistent with bending at the knees, often leaning from the waist which negatively affects his block sustainability. Additionally, he tends to be over-aggressive against quicker defensive linemen, resulting in lunging and missed connections. Improving his punch timing could also benefit his gameplay, as defenders can attack him quickly and win the leverage battle by getting their hands into his chest. Tippmann is also susceptible to the push/pull technique, as defenders can attack his right shoulder/hip to force improper weight distribution, leading to balance issues.

Tippmann is a scheme-versatile blocker with the potential to become a long-term starting center in the league. His power and athleticism allow him to win single or double-team reps in both running and passing plays. As the quarterback of the offensive line, his knowledge of blocking schemes will aid his acclimation to the league.


Tippmann’s ability to react quickly is particularly noteworthy. He shows good awareness when reacting to stunts in pass protection and holds his own against bigger defensive linemen.
Tippmann’s footwork is strong enough to hold his own in pass protection, particularly when factoring in his effort. He has a flexible core, which allows him to absorb and anchor against the bull rush as a pass protector.

In addition to his pass-protection skills, Tippmann is a versatile player. He plays well in space and is an outstanding pulling blocker. He has solid speed on sweeps, consistently making plays downfield. He has a wide base that gives him balance.


Joe Tippmann’s long frame makes him vulnerable, as shorter defenders can easily slide under his hands and win the leverage battle, driving him backward. Additionally, he sometimes stops his feet when delivering a punch, which doesn’t enable him to play with the ideal balance when moving back into his set.

Tippmann’s struggle with mirroring adds to his potential vulnerabilities. If he can’t win early on passing plays, he often finds himself struggling to keep up with the opponent. He needs to work on his discipline, with six holding penalties committed in 2022. Tippmann has good feet but not great, and this could be problematic for him when dealing with speed on the edge. He’s more comfortable moving forward as a run blocker than he is retreating as a pass protector.

Joe Tippmann is the 105th prospect on our draft big board.