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Jordan Battle

Jordan Battle draft profile

Jordan Battle

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Jordan Battle draft profile

High School and College Career

Jordan Battle, was a 4-star prospect from St. Thomas Aquinas High School before committing to play for Ohio State. However, Battle ultimately decided to switch college teams and join the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

As a freshman in 2019, Battle showed promise by appearing in 13 games and tallying 400 snaps for Alabama. During this time, he recorded 19 tackles and 1 assist, while adding 6 stops. In the area of coverage, Battle managed to notch up 1 pass break up, 1 interception and boasted an impressive QB rating when targeted of 48.8.

The following year, as a sophomore, Battle earned the starting position on the Crimson Tide team, playing in 13 games and participating in 820 snaps. He continued to demonstrate his skill in tackles, making a total of 51 with 19 assists and 13 stops. Additionally, Battle contributed 3 pass break ups, 1 interception, and an impressive QB rating when targeted of 91.2. As a pass rusher, Battle also forced 6 total pressures.

As a junior in 2021, Battle played in 15 games and contributed on 964 snaps. He continued to showcase his impressive abilities with 63 tackles and 23 assists, adding an impressive 16 stops. In the secondary area, Battle continued to shine with 4 pass breakups, 3 interceptions, and an elite QB rating when targeted of 57.6.

During his senior year in 2022, Battle played in 12 games while playing a total of 907 snaps. Although he appeared in fewer games, Battle managed to make 42 tackles and 18 assists, as well as 11 stops. In the area of coverage, Battle demonstrated his continued proficiency with one pass breakup, 1 interception, and a reasonable QB rating when targeted of 87.9.

Jordan Battle Scouting Report Introduction

At more than 50 games played for the Crimson Tide, Jordan Battle is a senior defensive back who has emerged as a leader on a talented Alabama defense. He has demonstrated his leadership abilities through his vocal presence on and off the field, as well as through his high-level play during games. Known for his versatility, Battle has played both strong and free safety positions, in one-high or two-high schemes, aligned in the nickel position, and has played in the box. This versatility has allowed him to make high-IQ plays and excel in both the run and pass game.

In terms of his physical attributes, Battle has good overall size and length that, combined with his fluid movement skills, give him a lot of tackling range as a run defender. He has the ability to quickly close a ten to fifteen-yard distance and make technically-sound tackles on runners. He also displays a physical temperament and an aggressive nature to his game, seeking the big hit when he can properly line up the ball carrier. Battle’s IQ, athleticism, and physicality make him a high-level run defender.

When it comes to pass coverage, Battle’s talents are equally impressive. He appears to have fluid hips that allow him to make smooth transitions when he has to flip his hips and run with defenders. Battle also demonstrates plus-level speed in that he can carry receivers vertically and keep pace with them down the field. However, his best plays come from playing 10-12 yards off the ball in a flat-foot read in the robber role. From this position, Battle can jump routes to make the interception or deliver the big hit to receivers on crossing routes. Battle has sideline-to-sideline speed, showing he has good range to make plays on the football.

While Battle’s abilities are impressive, there are some areas where he can improve. As a run defender, he will at times take bad angles over-pursuing or under-pursuing the ball carrier. This leads him to lunge at the ball carrier, missing the tackle. In man-to-man coverage, he may lose proper leverage to receivers, allowing them to get open. Battle will also struggle with quicker explosive receivers who run short to intermediate routes.

Overall, Battle is a prospect with many high-level traits and skills, making him an excellent candidate for an NFL team. He should be able to step in and immediately fill a strong safety position role while also contributing at other positions on the field.


Jordan Battle’s well-built physique enhances his physical safety. His leadership abilities are highly appreciated, and he is considered a natural leader of the Alabama defense. He is also equipped with a high football IQ, making him a valuable player on the field.

One of Jordan Battle’s standout attributes is his ability to cover the field smoothly and fluidly. He has smooth hips and displays excellent fluidity in coverage. Moreover, he is feared by smaller receivers over the middle who are usually on the receiving end of his big hits. He has the speed to keep up with receivers deep while not allowing much of a cushion.

Jordan Battle is highly aware of his surroundings, including reading the eyes of the quarterback and reacting promptly with good field awareness and exceptional ball skills. His intelligence on the field is displayed prominently when he is in the red zone, where he stays on the back line to take away fade throws. He can also make quarterbacks pay for late throws.

Lastly, Jordan Battle exhibits sound technique, using his hands to achieve targets without drawing flags, making him a savvy player on the field. He is also a willing tackler, high-effort leader, and highly valuable asset to any team. Overall, Jordan Battle’s skills and abilities make him an ideal player for the strong safety position, and he is a highly reliable player on the field.


Jordan Battle is a player with potential, but there are some areas of his game that require improvement. One issue is his tackling technique. He has been criticized for not always wrapping up and being too sloppy. Additionally, he must consistently finish tackles, which can be challenging without proper technique.

Another area where Battle could improve is his pursuit angles. He needs to work on tightening them up so that he can more effectively pursue and take down opposing players. Speed is not an issue for him, but there are concerns about his ability to handle the fastest players in the NFL. He tends to have a high backpedal and sometimes loses a step in transition.

In terms of reacting to the game, Battle can sometimes be slow to react to a quarterback who comes back to his side of the field late in progression. He also tends to lower his shoulder for a big hit rather than wrapping up securely, which can leave room for opponents to escape his grasp.

When it comes to interceptions, Battle has shown poor timing at times and missed opportunities as a result. While he is willing to make tackles, he isn’t always the most threatening tackler.

Jordan Battle is our 85th prospect on our draft big board.