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Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez draft profile

Jose Ramirez

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Edge Rusher, Outside Linebacker
Jose Ramirez draft profile

High School and College Career

Jose Ramirez went to Auburndale High School before committing to play football at Eastern Michigan University. During his freshman year in 2019, Ramirez played in four games for the Eagles, taking part in a total of 36 snaps.

In his sophomore year in 2020, Ramirez played in six games for the Eagles and for 239 total snaps. Ramirez recorded 19 tackles and 13 total pressures with 8 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 2 sacks.

In 2021, as a junior, Ramirez played in 13 games and significantly increased his total snap count to 571. He had 40 tackles, 36 total pressures with 23 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and an impressive 10 sacks.

Moving into his senior year in 2022, Ramirez’s role on the team continued to grow. He played in 11 games and played a total of 545 snaps for the Eagles. Ramirez finished with 35 tackles and 47 total pressures with 32 QB hurries, 5 QB hits, and another 10 sacks.

Jose Ramirez Scouting Report Introduction

Jose Ramirez, an edge rusher from Eastern Michigan University, is projected as a developmental pass rusher in the NFL. In 2022, Ramirez displayed remarkable sack numbers, demonstrating an explosive burst towards the ball and maintaining a low pad level. His skill in attacking from the edge is most effective in passing situations, providing him with the opportunity to grow and develop at the professional level.

Ramirez, originally a 3-star recruit, played high school football at Auburndale High School in Auburndale, Florida. He initially committed to South Alabama before making a late switch and committing to the University of Arizona. As part of the 2017 recruiting class, Ramirez practiced with the Wildcats during a redshirt season in 2017 but did not play. He eventually transferred to Riverside Community College in California, where he recorded eight sacks in one season before making yet another transfer to Eastern Michigan University.

Possessing a quick first step and a solid build, Ramirez makes for an ideal edge rusher who can effectively engage tackles by staying low and playing under their hands and pads. His initial burst and agility allow him to challenge slower-footed tackles in the passing game and potentially force them into mistakes. Often attacking from sharp angles, Ramirez tests tackles’ abilities to maintain depth and control his charge. If a tackle falters, Ramirez has demonstrated the ability to reduce his inside shoulder, tighten, and flatten suddenly. Throughout his career, Ramirez has had several standout performances, including a four-sack game against Western Michigan in the past season. His talent as a pass rusher is further enhanced by his capacity to slip under pass sets when exploiting an overset. When fully engaged, Ramirez’s compact frame and power make him difficult to restrain, even in the run game, as evidenced by his ability to shut down the back along the line of scrimmage, showcasing remarkable range.

Ramirez’s natural athleticism is evident, but he will face some challenges as well. Although he has a stocky build, his functional length, separation, and ability to break down blocks when linemen engage him have not been consistently demonstrated. To avoid becoming trapped in tight situations, Ramirez will need to improve his instincts and awareness. It is also crucial for his defense to avoid placing him in tight alignments and heavy traffic.

Ramirez should be viewed as a developmental prospect with potential. His first-step quickness and lateral mobility could provide him with a significant amount of playing time in the NFL, particularly in obvious passing situations.


Jose Ramirez is a defensive end prospect who possesses the physical tools to be a successful player at the next level. His strong core and powerful hands allow him to effectively shed blockers, while his instincts and quickness help him locate the ball and make plays. However, it is noted that he is not an elite pass rusher and is better suited in a 4-3 defense as he is currently undersized for a 3-4.

He is able to locate the ball quickly and make plays on the ball carrier. His quick feet and ability to chase down running backs and mobile quarterbacks when lined up at end show that he is not just a one-dimensional player. He consistently gets blockers off-balance before sending them to the ground. This, combined with his strength in the lower body, allows him to hold up at the point of attack.


Specifically, his anchor strength is not up to par, which is the ability to hold a position firmly against opposing linemen. This poses a problem for Ramirez when he fails to set the edge against bigger opponents, leaving gaps and opportunities for the opposing team to exploit.

Another area of concern is Ramirez’s lack of elite quickness and flexibility, which are crucial traits for players looking to succeed in the NFL. Furthermore, Ramirez may benefit from developing a counter move or two in the pass rush, as this would allow him to outsmart opponents who might be anticipating a certain type of play. It is also suggested that Ramirez improve his use of hands during gameplay, which could ultimately improve his performance on the field.

Jose Ramirez is the 179th prospect on our draft big board.