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Kendre Miller

Kendre Miller draft profile

Kendre Miller

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Kendre Miller draft profile

High School and College Career

Kendre Miller was a 3-star recruit out of Mount Enterprise High School before joining Texas Christian University (TCU) to play for the Horned Frogs.

Miller had a promising start to his college football career in 2020 as a freshman, where he played in 9 games for the Horned Frogs. During this time, Miller’s impressive speed and agility were on display as he ran for 392 yards on 54 attempts, resulting in an elite 7.3 yards per carry average. He also managed to score 2 touchdowns during his freshman year, although he did have one fumble. As a receiver, Miller only made one reception for -4 yards.

In his sophomore year in 2021, Miller played in 10 games for the Horned Frogs and managed to run for an impressive 623 yards on 83 carries, with a 7.5 yards per carry average. Miller’s rushing prowess was highlighted by his 7 touchdowns, although he did also have 3 fumbles. Compared to his freshman year, Miller had slightly more involved in the passing game, pulling in 12 receptions for 117 yards.

By the time Miller became a junior in 2022, he had become one of the most exciting players in the TCU football program. He played in all 13 games for the Horned Frogs during his junior season and demonstrated his elite talent by running for a total of 1342 yards on 216 attempts, with a 6.2 yards per carry average. Miller’s effort and determination were clear to see as he scored 17 touchdowns during his junior year, although he did have one fumble. Miller was also slightly more involved in the passing game in his junior year, recording 16 receptions for 116 yards.

Kendre Miller Scouting Report Introduction

Miller was able to lead the way for the TCU offense, which was a vital component in the team’s successful run, as they were able to make it all the way to the National Championship game. Throughout the season, Miller accumulated an impressive 1,399 rushing yards and was able to score 17 rushing touchdowns.

Miller’s running style is relatively unique, as his physical movements may not necessarily display high-level athletic ability, but he has been able to show his effectiveness as a player. One particular characteristic of Miller’s style is his patience when receiving the handoff. He allows his offensive linemen to execute their blocking scheme and for defenders to choose their gaps before he reacts based on the situation. Miller also possesses an upright style with a wide base, which facilitates his movements from gap to gap as he searches for a hole. Notably, Miller has demonstrated the ability to work his way to the second level while showing great control and maintaining excellent balance to avoid defenders in the hole. Finally, when Miller finds himself in the open field, he has demonstrated the ability to make a quick lateral cut or accelerate with a sudden burst of speed to gain significant yardage.

Despite his impressive qualities, Miller does have certain deficiencies in his play. One significant issue is his apparent lack of true speed, which may sometimes limit his performance in certain situations. For example, Miller may not always be able to maneuver past defenders with speed, which limits his ability to create explosive plays. Additionally, due to Miller’s speed limitations, he may be somewhat restricted in terms of the types of run plays he is best suited for. Specifically, he seems to be more effective as an in-between-the-tackles runner where he can quickly turn his pads north or south. However, when plays are designed to go outside, Miller’s speed limitations make it difficult for him to threaten defenders around the edge and turn upfield for a big play.


Kendre Miller’s talents on the football field are multifaceted, making him a versatile threat capable of both breaking open plays and grinding out hard yards. Miller’s skill set is well suited for both catch-and-run scenarios and for more direct approaches. He may not have the flashy explosiveness of some other players, but his speed is still impressive enough to enable him to blow past linebackers and shift his way around defenders.

One of Miller’s strongest attributes is his vision on the field. He has a natural instinct for identifying cut-back lanes and then using his athleticism and quick reflexes to dart through them and gain significant chunks of yardage. This is all the more impressive due to Miller’s combination of good size AND speed. He’s not just a big bruiser on the field, nor is he solely reliant on his speed to make plays – he has a balanced and varied skill set that covers both.

In addition to his physical attributes, Miller also has an impressive mentality when it comes to playing the game. He’s a competitive player, driven to succeed and make game-changing moments. His work ethic is reflected in his execution on the field, where he’s able to pound out hard yards, push past defenders to gain the edge, and pick up blitzes from incoming defenders. Miller has the strength and the vision to handle multiple roles on the field, and he’s known for his ability to make positive gains even when faced with tough defenders.

Overall, Kendre Miller is a complete package in terms of his football abilities. He may not be the most explosive player on the field, but his combination of size, speed, and vision make him an incredibly versatile weapon. Whether he’s breaking open long runs or grinding out tough yardage, he always brings a hard-working, competitive edge to the game.


Miller tends to become too upright at times, which can be detrimental to his running ability. This poses a problem for a running back like Miller, who relies on his momentum and leverage to gain valuable yardage. Miller should, therefore, focus on running behind his pads and lowering his center of gravity to improve his balance and control on the field.

While he possesses reasonable speed and agility, he does not necessarily have the competitive edge needed to overwhelm opposing defenders. This means that Miller must rely on his other strengths to make an impact on the game, such as his vision, patience, and endurance.

Finally, when considering Miller’s contribution to the passing game, it is clear that he lacks the versatility of some of his peers. Miller does not possess exceptional pass-catching abilities and is unlikely to become a top target for his quarterback. Instead, he primarily serves as a check-down option for the quarterback when other receivers are not available. While this role may not be glamorous, it is an important one allowing Miller to contribute to his team’s offensive strategy.

Kendre Miller is the 132nd prospect on our draft big board.