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Kenny McIntosh

Kenny McIntosh draft profile

Kenny McIntosh

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Kenny McIntosh draft profile

High School and College Career

Kenny McIntosh, a 4-star recruit from University High School, committed to the University of Georgia football program.

In his first year on the team as a freshman in 2019, McIntosh was able to participate in five games and ran for 174 yards on 25 attempts, an average of 7.0 yards per carry. He also scored two touchdowns without any fumbles. His involvement in the passing game was limited with only one reception for three yards.

McIntosh further improved his performance in his sophomore year in 2020 by playing in eight games. He rushed for 251 yards on 47 carries, resulting in an impressive 5.3 yards per carry, and scored one touchdown without any fumbles. In the passing game, McIntosh pulled in 10 receptions for 111 yards.

As a junior in 2021, McIntosh was given more playing time and was able to appear in 13 games. He was able to make another impressive run of 328 yards on 58 attempts, resulting in an average of 5.7 yards per carry. He had three touchdowns but had two fumbles. Additionally, in the passing game, he became more involved and was able to haul in 22 receptions for 242 yards.

In his final year as a senior in 2022, McIntosh became a key player for the Bulldogs. Participating in all 13 games, he ran for an impressive 704 yards on 138 carries. Despite a slightly lower average of 5.1 yards per carry, McIntosh made 10 touchdowns with only two fumbles. He also became more involved in the passing game, with 36 receptions for 454 yards.

Kenny McIntosh Scouting Report Introduction

Kenny McIntosh is a skilled running back who has received limited opportunities to showcase his abilities. As one of the top-10-ranked running backs nationally, McIntosh arrived at the University of Georgia with high expectations. Despite his talent, he found himself sitting behind multiple NFL-caliber running backs like James Cook and Zamir White. It wasn’t until the 2022 season that McIntosh finally received most of the offensive touches in the backfield.

McIntosh possesses a desirable combination of height, weight, and speed. In contrast to his former teammate James Cook, McIntosh’s size is not a weakness. He runs with patience, allowing his blocks to develop before finding daylight. He reads his blocks well, whether on zone or gap calls, and runs with a good controlled pace, shifting gears when necessary. Once he identifies and attacks daylight, McIntosh has the burst and explosiveness to generate big plays.

For a taller running back, McIntosh’s quick, decisive feet are impressive. He plants and cuts with smoothness and efficiency, stringing together movements to create missed tackles in space. Additionally, he demonstrates excellent contact balance, making him challenging to bring down. He can play through contact and gain extra yards. McIntosh is a reliable pass-catcher and is utilized in pre-snap motions to identify mismatches. He can catch passes out of the backfield, from the slot, and split out wide, creating headaches for opposing defenses. With his natural receiving skills and soft hands, McIntosh is a promising talent.

Despite his talent, McIntosh has never had to carry the load in a stacked Georgia backfield. As a result, his discipline as a runner remains a work in progress. He can deviate from the designed play’s run path or away from his lead blockers too quickly. However, with more reps and experience, he will develop better decision-making skills.

McIntosh’s height and build can sometimes result in inconsistent pad level when running. In other words, he can run too upright, which limits his ability to transfer speed to power and finish runs with physicality. Furthermore, his limited experience in pass-protection snaps may limit his opportunities in the NFL.

Despite these imperfections, McIntosh projects as an RB2-3 behind an established veteran in the NFL. His value on third downs will secure his snap share, and his experience as a kick returner averaging over 27 yards per return since 2020 further enhances his value. As he gains more reps and becomes the lead RB in a backfield, he has the potential to improve his game and reach his full potential as a premier running back.


McIntosh stands out for his recognition skills and effort in terms of pass protection. He takes a patient approach to blocking, allowing for plays to develop before accelerating with effective speed and size.

As a receiver, McIntosh demonstrates exceptional talent. His size and speed combination make him a formidable force off the line, and his soft hands and ability to catch passes in stride give him an edge in the screen game. McIntosh’s natural abilities as a pass catcher allow him to excel in both swing passes and upfield transitions.

Overall, McIntosh is a versatile player with an impressive set of skills. His proficiency in both blocking and receiving makes him a valuable asset to any team, and his ability to turn small plays into big gains makes him a dangerous opponent in any situation.


While he is not necessarily considered slow, some analysts have noted that he does lack the third gear necessary to be a true home-run threat. McIntosh may have a decent speed, but it does not quite elevate him to the level of other elite running backs.

There are also some inconsistencies in his passing game. He is far from the most reliable receiver on the team.This is a trait that is heavily scrutinized in today’s NFL.

Kenny McIntosh is the 148th prospect on our draft big board.