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K.J. Henry

K.J. Henry draft profile

K.J. Henry

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K.J. Henry draft profile

High School and College Career

K.J. Henry, a highly rated 5-star recruit from West Forsyth High School, joined the Clemson Tigers football team after an intense recruiting campaign. In his freshman year in 2018, Henry saw action in four games, playing a total of 39 snaps and recording six tackles, along with five stops.

Henry’s sophomore year in 2019 was considerably improved from his freshman season, playing in 15 games and participating in 349 snaps. He recorded just eight tackles, but as a pass rusher, he proved himself with 12 total pressures, including eight QB hurries, two QB hits, and two sacks during the year.

As a junior in 2020, Henry played in 12 games and contributed on 386 snaps, which was a substantial increase from his previous year. He recorded 13 tackles, five assists, and 13 stops while solidifying his position as a pass rusher. He produced 16 total pressures, eight QB hurries, five QB hits, and three sacks throughout the year.

During his senior year in 2021, Henry continued to play an important part in Clemson’s defense, logging playing time in 13 games and 341 snaps. He added 14 tackles, four assists, and 15 stops but showed room for improvement in coverage as he made no pass breakups or interceptions, and had an elite QB rating when targeted of 47.9. However, as a pass rusher, Henry excelled, registering 23 total pressures with 13 QB hurries, five QB hits, and five sacks during the season.

In 2022, Henry returned as a fifth-year senior, demonstrating his continued commitment to the Tigers. He logged playing time in all 13 games, recording an impressive 607 snaps, and adding 30 tackles, 11 assists, and 21 stops. His efforts in coverage yielded only one pass breakup and a disappointing QB rating when targeted of 129.2. However, as a pass rusher, Henry proved himself as a force to be reckoned with, tallying 50 total pressures, 31 QB hurries, 14 QB hits, and five sacks over the course of the season.

K.J. Henry Scouting Report Introduction

KJ Henry is a budding football player with several notable strengths that make him stand out among his peers. One of his standout attributes is his excellent hand use. This means that he is skilled at using his hands to manipulate and control opposing players during gameplay. As an individual playing in the position of edge rusher, this particular skill is crucial in setting him apart as a dominant force to be reckoned with.

In addition to impressive hand use, Henry is also known for being strong in the upper body, which is an essential attribute for a player in his role. Being strong in this area allows him to consistently swat away blockers, meaning that he is able to move them out of the way and create opportunities for himself to make plays. This kind of agility and strength is what sets Henry up to be a formidable edge rusher, something that many teams are looking for in their players.

Henry’s ideal length is yet another attribute that makes him appealing to teams. As an edge rusher, length can be a defining factor that greatly influences the way in which an athlete performs on the field. Having the ideal length means that he is well-suited to the position and has room to add more weight onto his frame, which can help him hone his abilities even further.

Another essential aspect of Henry’s gameplay is his aggressiveness combined with good awareness to track the ball and attack. He employs an assertive and proactive approach towards gameplay, meaning that he is always on the lookout for opportunities to make plays. This kind of tenacity is what sets him apart from players who may have similar skills but lack the relentlessness to make the most of their abilities.

Henry is known for possessing several other traits that make him an exceptional football player, including being tough, competitive, and versatile. His versatility allows him to adapt to different situations and play styles, making him an asset to any team. In summary, KJ Henry is a well-rounded player with a range of skills and attributes that make him appealing to teams looking for edge rushers who can dominate on the field.


K.J. Henry is an exceptional defensive end, known for his dynamic skills both on the field and in his position. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a variety of strengths, including his ability to break away and disengage from blockers, thanks in part to his incredibly fast and violent hands. This means that he can quickly and effectively escape from players trying to block him, allowing K.J. Henry to make plays and take control of the defense.

In addition to his physical prowess, K.J. Henry is also a highly intelligent player, with a natural instinct for reading, reacting, and locating the ball. This allows him to quickly anticipate where the play is heading and to position himself effectively on the field. When it comes time to make a tackle, K.J. Henry is an authoritative and dependable tackler, wrapping up his opponent and bringing them to the ground with conviction.

One of the keys to K.J. Henry’s success is his length and quickness. He has long arms, which allow him to reach out and disrupt plays from a distance. He also has excellent power in his hands, which gives him strength when trying to slip past blockers or disrupt a running play. As a run defender, K.J. Henry excels thanks to his speed and agility, allowing him to pursue ball carriers or make tackles across the field.

Overall, K.J. Henry is a top-level defensive end with a wide range of skills and abilities that make him a valuable asset to any team. His fast hands, ability to read the field, and power make him a dangerous opponent for any offense, while his quickness and agility allow him to stay mobile and adaptive in any situation. As time goes on, K.J. Henry is sure to continue evolving and refining his game, cementing his legacy as one of the best defensive ends in the league.


One of the key areas of concern with Henry is his speed. He doesn’t have the kind of speed that allows him to track down ball carriers and make plays in the open field.

Another area where Henry needs improvement is in his pass-rushing abilities. He lacks elite speed and twitch off the line of scrimmage.

In addition to his lack of speed and twitch, Henry also struggles with flexibility and footwork. These skills are critical for defensive players, particularly those who play on the edge or at the line of scrimmage. Without proper footwork and flexibility, it can be challenging for a player to get into the backfield and make plays on the quarterback or ball carrier.

Another area where Henry needs to improve is in his handwork. Specifically, he needs to become more adept at using his hands to get off blocks and disrupt opposing offenses. This is a skill that takes time and practice to develop, and it’s an area where Henry is very much a work in progress.

Finally, scouts have commented on Henry’s physicality or lack thereof. He doesn’t always play with the intensity and aggressiveness needed to set the edge and stop opposing running backs. This is a concern because stopping the run is so important for any defense, and players who struggle with physicality can be a liability in this area.

K.J. Henry is our 84th prospect on our draft big board.