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Luke Schoonmaker

Luke Schoonmaker draft profile

Luke Schoonmaker

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Luke Schoonmaker draft profile

High School and College Career

Luke Schoonmaker from Hamden Hall High School, rated as a 3-star recruit, decided to join the University of Michigan football team.

During his freshman year in 2018, Schoonmaker only appeared in one game for the Wolverines and did not make any significant contributions in the passing game. However, in his sophomore year in 2019, he played in eight games and managed to record two catches for a total of 54 yards, averaging an impressive 27.0 yards per catch. He also scored one touchdown and achieved an excellent QB rating of 158.3 when targeted.

Unfortunately, Schoonmaker’s junior year in 2020 did not yield any significant results, and his impact was limited.

However, Schoonmaker’s senior year in 2021 was a different story. He played in 14 games and recorded 17 catches for a total of 165 yards, averaging 9.7 yards per catch. He scored three touchdowns and maintained an excellent QB rating of 115.0 when targeted. Additionally, he excelled in pass protection by only giving up one pressure and no sacks throughout the season.

Schoonmaker’s success as a senior set him up for an even better season in his fifth year as a senior in 2022. In 11 games, he recorded an impressive 34 catches for a total of 386 yards, averaging 11.4 yards per catch. He scored three touchdowns and achieved an excellent QB rating of 125.8 when targeted.

Luke Schoonmaker Scouting Report Introduction

One of Schoonmaker’s best traits is his ability to block effectively in the run game. He demonstrates excellent hand placement and displays enough play strength to overpower defenders and seal the edges. In essence, blocking is one of his most impressive abilities. Given his proficiency in this area, Schoonmaker can integrate himself into the passing game as a tight end that delays his route in order to block. He performs well as a receiving option off of play-action, showcasing his versatility as a player. Regardless of whether he is attacking up the middle in the seams, in the flats, or on crossers, Schoonmaker is a master at finding open lanes within defensive coverage. He has excellent instincts in attacking zone coverages, making him a sound choice as a reliable quick option in the passing game. Furthermore, he demonstrates a willingness to fight through contact during his initial stem, showcases strong hands, and makes his fair share of difficult catches.

However, Schoonmaker’s receiving production has been significantly underwhelming. Throughout his tenure at Michigan, he was never viewed as a reliable target for the team’s passing attack. Only one season of over 200 yards receiving has left much to be desired when considering his potential as a receiver. One area in which Schoonmaker could improve is in his angles concerning run blocking. In particular, he could work on climbing to the second level of the defense to better his efficiency as a movement blocker. Although Schoonmaker lacks the elusiveness needed to create yards after the catch, he still presents himself as a legitimate option in moving the chains for his team. His limitation, however, may come from his inability to separate from man coverage at the next level.

Due to his age, Schoonmaker’s potential ceiling may be limited. He will be a 25-year-old rookie tight end in 2023, making him a more seasoned rookie prospect than most. His value will come from his blocking and ability to work underneath coverages.


Schoonmaker’s most notable attributes are his soft, reliable hands, which provide a centering point for quarterbacks.
Additionally, Schoonmaker displays high courage and confidence in making catches in traffic over the middle. His reliable hands are matched with good to very good tracking and overall body control, allowing him to make catches outside of his frame.

Schoonmaker’s quickness and footwork are also notable, with good short-area foot quickness and very good footwork. Moreover, his ability to run precise routes is one of his most valuable skills, showing an innate ability to set up defensive backs to create separation.

Overall, Luke Schoonmaker presents a lot of potential as a tight end, with a strong, physical presence on the field and a range of skills that could make him a valuable addition to any team. With his reliable hands, fearless attitude, and innate sense of the game, Schoonmaker could be a formidable opponent for defenders to face in the future.


When analyzing the Michigan Wolverines’ tight end Luke Schoonmaker, it is evident that he lacks the ability to threaten a defense by taking the top off. This is likely due to his limited route tree, which he has consistently run throughout his career. Schoonmaker’s lack of variation in his routes could be a result of coaching decisions or factors such as his ability to execute more complex routes. He’s not an oversized wide receiver playing tight end like a Kyle Pitts.

Additionally, Schoonmaker’s lack of explosive speed on straight-line runs and stiffness as a route-runner could further contribute to his inability to create separation from defenders. His limited flexibility and burst out of breaks could prevent him from making sharp cuts and creating opportunities for himself in the passing game.

While these limitations may not make Schoonmaker a key offensive threat, he could contribute in other ways, such as blocking or short-yardage situations.

Luke Schoonmaker is the 144th prospect on our draft big board.