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Luke Wypler

Luke Wypler draft profile

Luke Wypler

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Cleveland Browns
Offensive line, Center
Luke Wypler draft profile

High School and College Career

Luke Wypler was a 4-star recruit out of St Joseph Regional High School, and committed to Ohio State.
In his first year as a freshman in 2020, Wypler’s playing time was limited, only seeing action in 3 games and playing on a mere 15 snaps for the Buckeyes.

However, as a sophomore in 2021, he played in an impressive 13 games, racking up a total of 860 snaps. He conceded just 7 QB hurries, only allowing 1 QB hit and no sacks. This remarkable performance helped cement his status as a vital starter for Ohio State.

In 2022, as a junior, Wypler continued to impress, playing in another 13 games and totaling 827 snaps. He yielded just 7 QB hurries as the previous season, but this time, he gave up no QB hits and only one sack throughout the season (which occurred during the semi-final game against Georgia). This performance drew even more attention to Wypler and solidified his reputation as a player to watch.

Luke Wypler Scouting Report Introduction

Wypler, a promising football prospect, hails from a lineage of successful Buckeye centers who have excelled in the professional league. Standing out among his peers, Wypler boasts a rare set of skills as he performs with equal proficiency as a pass protector and a run blocker. His outstanding performance throughout the 2022 season places him in elite company.

However, despite his many strengths, Wypler may face limitations with respect to his size and overall power. Although he is an above-average player, his physical attributes may restrict his positional flexibility, thereby curbing his ability to adapt to various playing styles.

Conversely, Wypler’s technical abilities are exceptional. He operates with a great deal of control, remaining square while contending to stay balanced while fitting his hands. In his pass sets, he demonstrates a clear understanding of the angles necessary to frame blocks while simultaneously winning in open spaces, thus putting himself in prime position to be effective in any play.

Wypler is a highly skilled player with a great deal of potential. While his physical stature may present some challenges, his masterful technique provides him with a significant advantage over his opponents. If he can continue to build on the solid foundation he has created for himself, he is sure to achieve great success in his football career.


In 2022, Luke Wypler proved to be an exceptional player, displaying elite-level skills in both run blocking and pass protection. The Ohio State center has been recognized as the second-best pass protecting center in the nation, a testament to his impressive hand placement and keen understanding of angles when climbing upfield. In addition to his technical proficiency, Wypler has also shown himself to be a smart player with a strong positional awareness, constantly aware of his surroundings on the field.

Wypler’s skills are not limited to the line of scrimmage, as he also excels in moving upfield to engage defenders on the second level. He possesses the agility and flexibility to land blocks in space effectively, and his elite lateral quickness enables him to keep up with even the fastest speed rushers.

However, Wypler does have areas where he can continue to improve. While he understands angles well in most situations, he could benefit from maintaining outside leverage when doubling the nose. Additionally, he sometimes struggles to maintain his balance and falls off second-level blocks, possibly due to his tendency to duck his head and get too upright.

Overall, Wypler is a valuable asset to Ohio State’s offensive line. While he leans towards being a mauler rather than a mover in the running game, his strengths in pass protection and ability to quickly and effectively engage defenders in space make him an excellent all-around player.


One of the main weaknesses in Wypler’s physical abilities is his lack of power when it comes to dominating defenders. He may struggle to overpower opponents during key moments in a game, which can lead to fumbles, missed passes, or even injuries. n addition to his limited power, Wypler is also not especially physically imposing overall.

One of the specific physical challenges that Wypler faces is a tendency to lose his balance when his upper body gets too far forward over his feet. This can make him vulnerable to getting knocked over by defenders, which can impact his ability to make plays and move the ball forward for his team.