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Matthew Bergeron

Matthew Bergeron

Matthew Bergeron

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Atlanta Falcons
Guard, Offensive line
Matthew Bergeron draft profile

Matthew Bergeron DRAFT PROFILE – 2023 NFL DRAFT


Matthew Bergeron, a 3-star recruit from Cegep du Vieux Montreal High School in Canada, committed to Syracuse University.

Bergeron’s first season with the Syracuse Orange in 2019 was marked by his participation in 10 games and a total of 403 snaps. While primarily playing at right tackle, he allowed 13 QB hurries, one QB hit, and 3 sacks. This performance showed promise, but also highlighted areas for improvement as he adjusted to the college level.

As a sophomore in 2020, Bergeron saw action in 11 games and played a total of 666 snaps. He was predominantly positioned at left tackle and also played some snaps at tight tackle. Despite a slight decrease in the number of QB hurries allowed (11), he did not concede any QB hits and allowed 4 sacks. This was a notable improvement from his freshman season, indicating his ability to adapt and learn from previous mistakes.

In 2021, Bergeron continued to make strides in his game as a junior. He participated in 12 games and played a total of 784 snaps, primarily at left tackle. He showed marked improvement, giving up only 9 QB hurries, one QB hit, and just one sack. His solid performance helped bolster the Syracuse offense and earned him recognition as a key player on the team.

In his final season as a senior in 2022, Bergeron played in 11 games and a total of 686 snaps for the Orange. He demonstrated significant improvement in his pass protection, allowing only 2 QB hurries and 4 QB hits. However, he did concede 5 sacks, which was a disappointment compared to his impressive performance in the previous season. Despite this setback, Bergeron was still able to contribute to the team’s success and proved himself as a reliable player.


Matthew Bergeron DRAFT PROFILE

Matthew Bergeron possesses exceptional range and is a dependable player when it comes to executing longer pulls and executing backside cut-off blocks. His skillset would make him a desirable option for zone-rushing offenses, where his abilities would be fully utilized. One noteworthy aspect of his technique is his ability to maintain engagement with his feet and sustain a consistent base, which is essential for success in the game.

However, Bergeron’s hand placement and timing are somewhat inconsistent, which presents challenges in protecting his edges and preventing opponents from penetrating his frame. While he is generally effective as a run blocker, his functional strength seems to be average at best, relying instead on his technical skills, angles, and body positioning to generate movement in the run game. Based on this evaluation, it is possible that Bergeron may be best suited for a zone-rushing scheme, which would emphasize his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

It’s also worth considering the possibility of Bergeron transitioning to guard at the next level. While he has primarily played tackle in college, his skill set could translate well to the interior of the offensive line, where his agility and technique would be highly valued. This versatility could be an asset for teams looking for more flexible options along the offensive line.

Matthew Bergeron 40 YARD DASH- 5.4 SECONDS



Matthew Bergeron displays impressive speed off the snap, consistently getting the upper hand on opposing defenders. He employs excellent initial power at the point of attack, allowing him to fire off the line of scrimmage with force. This strength also enables him to hold his own against much larger defensive tackles, using his hand strength to grip and maneuver opponents in the run game.

Having started for four full years at Syracuse, Bergeron is an experienced blocker with a wealth of on-field knowledge. He demonstrates exceptional awareness when facing twists and stunts, utilizing his strong, flexible core and wide base to effectively handle moving defenders.

Bergeron also possesses solid quickness and flexibility when executing reach blocks, and has the range required to function as an effective puller. His versatility in these roles makes him a valuable asset to any team.



However, there are still areas in which Bergeron can improve. While he excels in the aforementioned areas, he can sometimes struggle with consistency in his pass protection, leading to potential vulnerabilities in protecting the quarterback’s blind side. Additionally, his technique in blocking assignments can sometimes be flawed, which could result in missed opportunities for gains.

Matthew Bergeron has a tendency to rely too much on bending at the waist rather than utilizing his full range of motion. Additionally, while he is generally effective as a blocker, his power and functional strength are not always optimal. 

Unfortunately, there was little visible progression in Bergeron’s performance in 2022, during which he gave up five sacks compared to just one the year before. This stagnation could be a cause for concern and suggest a need for further development and refinement.

Matthew Bergeron NFL DRAFT SUMMARY

Bergeron demonstrates good overall athletic ability, his testing at the combine was only middling. This indicates that while he has certain physical strengths, such as agility and quickness, he may not have the raw power or explosiveness that some teams prioritize in their linemen.

While Bergeron has many admirable qualities as a player, there are still areas in which he could improve. Addressing his technique and developing his functional strength could help him take his game to the next level. Furthermore, given his tendency to plateau, it will be important for him to continue working on his skills in order to remain a valuable asset to his team.

He’s definitely a “project” pick, but one that with proper coaching and progression could turn into a valuable and versatile asset in the trenches.

Plus Side:

  • Fires off the snap
  • Good flexibility
  • Solid run blocker


  • Lackluster 2022 season
  • Struggles in pass protection
  • Drops his head and locks in on a single blocking target