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Max Duggan

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Max Duggan

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Max Duggan draft profile

High School and College Career

Max Duggan was a 4-star recruit who chose to play for Texas Christian University (TCU) after graduating from Lewis Central High School. As a freshman in 2019, he played in 12 games, throwing for 2075 yards on 341 attempts with a completion percentage of 53.4, an average of 6.1 yards per pass, and 15 TDs. He also ran for 709 yards with 106 attempts, holding an average of 6.7 per run. However, he was sacked 27 times, earning him a QB rating of 74.4.

In his sophomore year in 2020, Duggan played in 10 games, throwing for 1802 yards on 242 attempts, improving his completion percentage to 59.9, and upping his yards per pass average to 7.4. He threw 10 TDs, was sacked 21 times, and had a QB rating of 89.9. Duggan rushed for 649 yards on 100 runs with an average of 6.5 per rush.

In 2021 as a junior, Max Duggan played in 10 games, totaling 2040 yards on 228 attempts, displaying an impressive completion percentage of 63.6, and averaging 8.9 yards per attempt. He threw 16 TDs and was sacked 20 times, but had an excellent QB rating of 104.8 for the season. Duggan ran for 497 yards on 89 runs, averaging 5.6 per run.

As a senior in 2022, Duggan was dealt a difficult blow when he was told that he would not be the starting quarterback for the TCU Horned Frogs, as Chandler Morris had been given the nod following Duggan’s injury-hampered and inconsistent season in 2021. Despite facing this setback, rather than leaving the program, Duggan decided to stay on as the backup, stating his intention to be the best backup quarterback in the country and do whatever it takes to help Morris succeed as the starter.

During the season opener against Colorado, Morris was injured in the third quarter with the Frogs leading 17-6. Duggan was called upon to relieve Morris, and he did not disappoint. He led the team on two touchdown drives, culminating in a commanding 38-13 win for TCU. Duggan was handed the starting role for the rest of the season and went on to have an outstanding year, completing 3320 yards on 369 attempts, with a completion percentage of 64.8, an average of 9.0 yards per pass, and a phenomenal 30 TDs. He did take 24 sacks, but his QB rating reached a career-high of 116.1. Duggan also rushed for 580 yards on 97 attempts, averaging six yards per run.

Max Duggan Scouting Report Introduction

Max Duggan had a brilliant 2022 football season. Initially, he was the backup quarterback, but he was promoted to the starting role in Week 2 due to an injury. During the season, Duggan showed his skills as a tough, gritty quarterback with physical talent. He proved himself as an excellent passer, throwing for more than 3,500 yards and 30-plus touchdowns, and his athleticism as an athletic quarterback was also put to good use.

Duggan was able to operate efficiently in the RPO (run-pass option) offense, where he had to make quick reads but also had opportunities to throw the ball long, giving his receivers the chance to make a play. His short game technique was impressive, as he was skilled at throwing quick screens to receivers and getting the ball out of his hands without completely setting his feet. He also showed proficiency in throwing from multiple arm angles in the RPO game. Additionally, Duggan mastered the technique of faking the ball while reading the defender to make a decision on whether to pass or pull the ball.

In an offense where there were designed vertical shots, Duggan was willing to let his receivers have the chance to make a play down the field. As a runner, he had several games where he ran for big gains, proving himself as a formidable threat from the QB position. He was a plus-level athlete at the quarterback position, capable of making single defenders miss in the open field, and fast enough to leave some defenders behind.

Despite his apparent strengths as a QB prospect, there were several areas in Duggan’s game that needed improvement. One of these was his inconsistency in reading defenses post-snap, which led to him misreading coverage and throwing balls that could have been intercepted. His weakness in dealing with pressure also led him to speed up his process, resulting in Duggan misreading the defense and throwing the ball into coverage, or escaping the pocket and attempting to fit the ball into a tight window that could be intercepted. In addition, Duggan’s accuracy was inconsistent at times, a result of his inconsistent footwork, which changed his platform for throwing the football.


Max Duggan is a standout signal caller with several qualities that are highly sought after. With a sturdy frame and a strong arm, he is ideally suited for the physical demands of professional-level football. Duggan’s ability to extend plays by escaping pressure is another valuable asset – he is adept at navigating and avoiding defenders in an effort to buy time and create opportunities for his receivers.

Duggan is also a highly capable athlete with excellent vision, balance, elusiveness, speed, and power. He is a true dual-threat quarterback who can hurt opposing defenses through the air and on the ground. His willingness to battle for extra yardage and take on linebackers further underscores his toughness and competitiveness.

With a quick release and impressive accuracy on short to intermediate-level throws, Duggan displays excellent decision-making ability and ball placement. He is especially dangerous when utilizing the read-option game, where his running and passing skills can be fully utilized. His good (if not elite) arm strength also allows him to make effortless deep passes that can stretch opposing defenses and keep them guessing.


Duggan’s long accuracy on his passes is only average, and he frequently displays poor footwork when trying to make throws. This can make it difficult for him to hit his targets with any level of consistency, which can be a major issue for a quarterback who needs to make accurate throws to move the ball down the field.

Another area where Duggan struggles is in his decision-making. He often stares down his receivers, which can lead to interceptions and other mistakes. Additionally, he has a tendency to hold onto the ball for too long, which can allow the defense to get pressure on him and disrupt his timing in the pocket.

Finally, there are some concerns about Duggan’s ability to hold up over the long term if he continues to play with reckless abandon. He is not the biggest quarterback out there, and he will need to learn how to protect his body better in order to avoid taking too many big hits.

Max Duggan is the 152nd prospect on our draft big board.