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Mike Morris

Mike Morris

Mike Morris

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Mike Morris, a 4-star recruit from American Heritage-Boca-Delray High School, committed to the University of Michigan.

During his freshman year in 2020, Morris had limited opportunities to showcase his abilities, only seeing action in one game and playing just five snaps for the Wolverines. Despite recording just one tackle and no assists, he showed promise and potential for future success.

However, Morris’s sophomore year in 2021 was a breakthrough season for him. He played in 14 games and was heavily involved in the Wolverines’ defense, taking part in 360 snaps. He recorded 13 tackles and 3 assists, making a total of 9 stops. As a pass rusher, Morris was impressive, racking up 14 total pressures, including 8 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and 2 sacks.

Fast forward to 2022, Morris entered his junior year with high expectations from both his coaches and fans. He played in 11 games and contributed on 321 snaps. Although his tackle and assist numbers were slightly lower than the previous year, he made up for it with his impressive performance as a pass rusher. Morris produced a whopping 35 total pressures, including 19 QB hurries, 7 QB hits, and an outstanding 9 sacks throughout the year.


Mike Morris has proven to be a formidable force on the field, particularly when it comes to defending against the run. He is able to set hard edges with full arm lockout and extension, utilizing his strength and leverage to win and maintain outside leverage. Morris has an impressive ability to leverage gaps or running lanes from the defensive end position, squeezing the ball carrier into smaller creases to prevent gapping lanes. When aligned head-up to tight ends, Morris’s power and arm length can overwhelm opponents in one-on-one situations.

Although Morris’s impact and effectiveness as a pass rusher has improved over time, there are still areas in which he can improve. His understanding of softening rush angles was crucial to his success in 2022, as his pressures jumped from eight to 21 and his sacks increased from two to nine. Morris often uses his length and hands to deflect offensive linemen’s punches, allowing him to stay on his rush path. While he lacks optimal pad level due to his 6-foot-6 frame and playing from a stand-up position, he still displays versatility in winning the inside track between the B-gaps on slanting calls.


Mike Morris 40 YARD DASH- 4.95 SECONDS




Mike Morris is a highly skilled and adaptable edge rusher who brings a well-rounded skillset to the field. His instincts and versatility make him a valuable asset on the defense, allowing him to effectively contribute to all aspects of the game. Morris is particularly adept at getting to the quarterback, demonstrating a keen ability to disrupt the offense and create opportunities for his team.

One of Morris’s greatest strengths is his exceptional hand use. His upper body strength is impressive, and he consistently swats away blockers with ease. Morris also possesses long arms and strong hands, allowing him to consistently win at the point of attack. Additionally, he has good agility for his size, making him a difficult opponent to contain on the field.

Morris’s quick first step and agile feet allow him to explode off the line, providing him with the necessary momentum to make plays happen. He is capable of counter moves inside and has a closing burst that is critical for finishing plays. Although Morris may not have elite change-of-direction agility or straight-line speed, he possesses adequate skills in both areas, allowing him to contain opponents and maintain control on the field.

Overall, Morris is an impressive athlete and a valuable asset to any defense. His well-rounded skillset and exceptional hand use make him a formidable opponent on the field, while his quick first step and closing burst provide him with the necessary speed and agility to make plays happen. As Morris continues to develop his abilities, he is sure to become an even greater force to be reckoned with in the world of football.


Mike Morris is a player who consistently puts forth effort and never gives up on a play. However, there are areas in which he could improve his performance on the field. Morris tends to become out of control and can work himself away from the action, potentially missing out on opportunities to make plays.

One area in which Morris could benefit from improvement is his posture on the field. He has a tendency to play tall and get upright off the snap, which can negatively impact his leverage and ability to win at the point of attack. Although he possesses significant upper-body strength, Morris would do well to focus on improving his leverage, which would allow him to more effectively utilize his strength and make more impactful plays.

Additionally, Morris does not always get the full benefit of his length, which could be attributed to his poor balance and posture. By improving his balance and focusing on maintaining a lower center of gravity on the field, Morris could improve his overall effectiveness and ability to make plays.

Despite these areas in which he could improve, Morris is a dedicated and hardworking player who brings significant value to any team. As he continues to develop his skills and refine his technique, there is no doubt that Morris has the potential to become an even more impactful player on the field.


Despite these limitations, Morris has the potential to be a three-down defender in the NFL, particularly as he continues to develop his pass-rush plan. His alignment versatility, height, and weight make him a valuable asset for defensive coordinators looking to impact opposing quarterbacks. While Morris may be better suited as a hand-in-dirt defensive end at the next level, he has the chance to become a multi-year starter with time and experience.

Plus Side:

  • Versatile pass rusher
  • Great hand usage
  • Solid footwork


  • Plays tall; loses leverage
  • Technique is lacking
  • Over-aggressive on some plays