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Moro Ojomo

Moro Ojomo draft profile

Moro Ojomo

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Moro Ojomo draft profile

High School and College Career

Moro Ojomo, from Katy High School, was a 4-star recruit.

In 2018, Ojomo began his college football career with the Texas Longhorns as a freshman. However, he only saw action in three games, playing for a total of 18 snaps. Despite his limited playing time, Ojomo was dedicated to his role on the team and recorded one assist, although he failed to make any tackles or stops.

As a sophomore in 2019, Ojomo’s hard work and dedication paid off, and he had a breakout season. He played in 13 games and was a critical part of the team, taking part in 355 snaps. Over the course of the season, he recorded 12 tackles,16 total pressures, and 15 quarterback hurries, although he failed to secure any sacks.

Ojomo continued to improve during his junior year in 2020, where he played in 10 games and contributed on 414 snaps. He recorded 11 tackles, and 23 total pressures, including 19 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and 2 sacks.

In his senior year in 2021, Ojomo’s playing time increased, and he was a critical leader on the Longhorns’ football team. He played in 12 games and logged 431 snaps, adding 24 tackles, but his performance as a pass rusher seemed to have stagnated, achieving just 12 total pressures, including 10 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and no sacks.

In his fifth and final year of college football in 2022, he played in 11 games and logged a total of 337 snaps, adding 18 tackles, and he tallied 24 total pressures, which included 18 QB hurries, one QB hit, and 5 sacks.

Moro Ojomo Scouting Report Introduction

Moro Ojomo is a fifth-year senior defensive lineman. As a versatile defensive lineman, Ojomo possesses natural functional strength coupled with his length and movement skills. These traits allow him to make impactful plays in both the run game and as a pass rusher.

In the run game, Ojomo utilizes a quick first step at the snap to get into offensive linemen and set the line of scrimmage. His strength at the point of attack allows him to lock out offensive linemen and maintain the line of scrimmage. Additionally, Ojomo uses his quick first step on designed slants and stunts to get into gaps and achieve backfield penetration. Ojomo is highly disruptive in the run game and often makes plays resulting in tackles for loss.

As a pass rusher, Ojomo’s athleticism enables him to be an effective player. His quick first step allows him to take a favorable angle to the quarterback, and his strength helps him to convert speed to power to collapse the pocket while working through the offensive lineman. Ojomo consistently creates quarterback pressure and is a formidable opponent when rushing the passer.

Moreover, Ojomo’s primary weakness as a player lies in his positional alignment. His athletic and size profile places him in between traditional 3-4 or 4-3 positions, which can create variance in his effectiveness. However, this is a solvable issue, and with the right coaching, Ojomo can continue to develop his skills and become an even more potent force in the game.


Moro Ojomo combines a high motor and remarkably good hand usage to create quite the prospect. He demonstrates a variety of moves that allow him to shed blockers effectively and once he’s freed up, Ojomo’s strong finishing burst and power make him an excellent run stopper.
He possesses excellent instincts and can read plays well. His upper body strength is impressive, and he easily swats away blockers. Ojomo’s quick reaction time and ability to locate the ball make him an effective backside defender, and he possesses enough speed to be successful in pursuit.

While Ojomo’s quickness and power are not exceptional, he compensates for this with his ability to work off blockers and his strong counter-moves. However, if Ojomo comes off the snap too high, he can lose leverage and be ineffective.

Ojomo’s exceptional balance and strong, flexible core allow him to maintain stability on the field and avoid being knocked down. All in all, Moro Ojomo is a highly skilled player with the potential to make a significant impact in the NFL.


Moro Ojomo’s hands are a major asset for pass-rushing, but his inconsistency in using them hinders his potential. Despite having strong and forceful hands, he often allows blockers to get too close, limiting his ability to put pressure on the QB. His limited repertoire of pass-rush moves also contributes to his lack of consistency.

Furthermore, Ojomo’s skills may make him a better fit for playing on the interior in passing situations. This is because he does not possess the blazing speed required of a traditional edge rusher. While he is a powerful playmaker, he is most effective in straight lines and may struggle to keep up with plays requiring lateral movement or a change of direction.

Moro Ojomo is the 124th prospect on our draft big board.