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Nick Broeker

Nick Broeker draft profile

Nick Broeker

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Buffalo Bills
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Nick Broeker draft profile

High School and College Career

Nick Broeker, from Sacred Heart Griffin High School, was a 4-star recruit prior to joining Ole Miss.

In 2019, Broeker made his freshman debut on the football team and was able to play in 11 games, having a total of 475 snaps for the Rebels. He was positioned as the left tackle during these games, where he allowed 11 QB hurries and one QB hit and a sack.

As a sophomore in 2020, Broeker saw action in 10 games and was able to play in a total of 815 snaps as the left tackle. He allowed a total of 19 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and 2 sacks.

In 2021, Broeker once again saw action in 13 games, having a total of 1017 snaps while playing at left tackle. He gave up 13 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and 4 sacks, which is an improvement from his previous season.

In the 2022 season, Broeker played in 12 games with a total of 929 snaps, mostly playing left guard. During this season, he allowed 12 QB hurries and 6 QB hits, but did not concede any sacks.

Nick Broeker Scouting Report Introduction

Nick Broeker is a senior offensive lineman who has been a three-year starter for the Ole Miss Rebels. Throughout his career, Broeker has played more than 40 games and never missed a game due to injury. For the 2022 season, Broeker made the position transition from playing the left tackle position to left guard. Broeker’s versatility has been a significant asset to the team during his time on the field, showcasing his athleticism and position versatility.

Playing both LG and LT, Broeker’s proficient lateral movements make him an effective threat on the field. In the run game, Broeker excels in zone blocking schemes, easily cutting off defenders and climbing to the second level. He also has a great range as a blocker, making him effective when participating in screens. Broeker’s quick feet help him to get depth in his pass set, while his lateral agility and movement skills make him an active member of the right side of the line. These skills enable him to react to defenders’ moves effectively and remain attached to them long enough to give the quarterback an opportunity.

Broeker’s player improvement is partly due to his physical strength. In the run game, he has the capacity to make initial contact with defenders, but he struggles with sustaining the block. Broeker is often shed by defenders due to the lack of the strength required to latch and sustain. At times, defenders can knock him back into the backfield while on run-blocking plays. In pass protection, Broeker’s strength considerably impacts his ability to anchor on defenders. When defenders convert speed to power and bull rush him, he often lacks the ability to plant his feet and stop defenders from collapsing the pocket.

Broeker finished his career as a two-time All-SEC selection, demonstrating his abilities and versatility on the field. With more than forty games played and never missing a game due to injury, Broeker has been a significant asset to Ole Miss’ offensive line.


Broeker’s potential as a player is his size and natural athleticism. These attributes give him an advantage in quickly adapting to the movements of opposing college defensive ends and the speed and agility needed to stay nimble on the field. Additionally, Broeker’s quick, active hands and ability to latch on to defenders suggest that he has the potential to excel in pass-protection situations.

When it comes to run blocking, Broeker’s aggressive style and willingness to maintain a sustained effort through the course of a play makes him a valuable asset on the field. Broeker’s ability to quickly pick up on edge blitzes and adjust his angles and footing shows that he is able to think on his feet and make split-second decisions with confidence and ease.

Finally, Broeker’s reliability on the field is another major asset. He rarely misses a snap and has the natural physical strength and coordination needed to quickly recover and reset his anchor when needed. His ability to consistently perform at a high level, even in pressure-filled moments, indicates that he has the grit and determination necessary to succeed in a professional football career. All of these factors demonstrate that Broeker has the potential to make a significant impact early on in his professional football career, making him an attractive prospect for teams looking for a versatile and skilled player on the offensive line.


An area of concern is Broeker’s hand placement. At times, his technique can be sloppy, resulting in a loss of power and compromising his ability to push back against opposing defenders. This lack of control can translate into missed blocks.

Broeker’s mechanical approach to pass protection can also be problematic. Rather than gauging the defender’s movements and adjusting accordingly, he may be prone to oversetting or getting beat inside. This can create vulnerabilities in the offensive line and lead to sacks or turnovers. Broeker can be vulnerable to edge rushers who are particularly speedy. In these cases, he may lunge forward in an attempt to reach the defender, leaving him open to counterattacks or other maneuvers that can disrupt the play.

Nick Broeker is the 141st prospect on our draft big board.