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O'Cyrus Torrence

O'Cyrus Torrence draft profile

O'Cyrus Torrence

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Buffalo Bills
Guard, Offensive line
O'Cyrus Torrence draft profile

O’Cyrus Torrence DRAFT PROFILE – 2023 NFL DRAFT


O’Cyrus Torrence, a senior interior offensive lineman for the Florida Gators, joined the team prior to the 2022 season after following head coach Billy Napier from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Torrence previously achieved success in the Sun Belt Conference and was named to both the Second Team (2020) and First Team (2021) All-Sun-Belt squads.

O’Cyrus Torrence began his collegiate career in 2019 as a freshman, where he started right away and played in 14 games, accumulating a total of 859 snaps for the Cajuns. During this time, he primarily played at left guard and allowed 10 QB hurries, but did not concede any QB hits or sacks.

The following year, as a sophomore in 2020, Torrence participated in 11 games and a total of 701 snaps, playing at right guard. Despite this shift in position, he only gave up 2 QB hurries and did not concede any QB hits or sacks.

In 2021, as a junior, Torrence played in 12 games and accumulated 807 snaps, mostly at right guard. During this time, he allowed 4 QB hurries, one QB hit, and no sacks.

At the end of the 2021 season, Torrence sought to raise the bar in terms of competition and made the decision to transfer to Florida. As a senior with the Gators, Torrence played in 11 games, tallying a total of 698 snaps at right guard. He allowed a respectable 8 QB hurries, but once again did not give up any QB hits or sacks.

Overall, Torrence’s statistics demonstrate his consistent performance and effectiveness as an offensive lineman, particularly in pass protection where he allowed minimal hurries and no hits or sacks.

O’Cyrus Torrence DRAFT PROFILE

O’Cyrus Torrence is a massive offensive guard prospect, standing at an impressive 6’5″ and weighing 347lbs. He is well-proportioned, well-balanced, and incredibly strong. Despite his size, he displays surprising lateral quickness and is extremely light on his feet. Torrence is a four-year starter, which is a rarity in scouting, and has never surrendered a single sack in his entire career, playing over 3000 snaps.

Torrence possesses considerable mass and length, and his abilities have proven to be transferable from the Sun Belt to the SEC. In the run game, Torrence excels at taking quick first steps to move along the line of scrimmage, creating opportunities for ball carriers. He is a high-motor player who persistently plays through the whistle to finish defenders.

When defending against the pass, Torrence effectively uses his strength to stop defenders in their rush. He demonstrates an aptitude for handling bull rushes and has lower-body strength to anchor himself to stop defenders from reaching the pocket.


O’Cyrus Torrence 40 yard dash time– 5.4 SECONDS

O’Cyrus Torrence NFL DRAFT PLAYER COMPARISON- Gabe Jackson



His dominance in the run game is evident, as he consistently rag dolls defenders with his raw power, making him a true mauler and power driver. Torrence’s game is reminiscent of Larry Allen, a former guard for the Cowboys and 49ers, who was known for his sheer strength and ability to overpower defenders. Torrence is also a confident player, opting to transfer to Florida to showcase his abilities at a higher level.

Torrence’s hand placement is excellent, and he has a good understanding of angles when climbing upfield. He is able to consistently get his hands under the pads of pass rushers, and shepherd them aside in pass protection with proper leverage. His technique is impressive, and he is a natural knee-bender who plays with balance and leverage. Torrence’s ability to sell a trap block and turn to seal is also noteworthy, and he is fluid getting to and adjusting at the second level.

Although regarded as a right guard prospect, Torrence has experience at both guard spots. He was considered elite as a freshman when playing on the left side. As a run blocker, Torrence is the best in his class. As a pass protector, he is still excellent and plays with a wide base, able to absorb pressure from interior rushers with ease.

Torrence is an exceptional offensive guard prospect with immense size, raw power, and impressive technique. His ability to dominate in the run game, combined with his excellent pass protection, makes him a highly sought-after player in the draft. With his experience at both guard spots, he is a versatile player who can provide immediate impact to a team and help keep the QB clean in the pocket.


However, Torrence does have areas for improvement. His aggressiveness can sometimes harm his performance, causing him to become off-balance and unable to block effectively. Additionally, Torrence can lose his technique and approach defenders with his head down, making it easy for defenders to evade him.

Moreover, Torrence struggles to react quickly to twists and stunts in pass protection and tends not to move his feet while engaged with defenders. He frequently plants his feet and relies on his upper-body strength on blocks, which may lead to holding penalties.

Torrence’s lack of lateral agility also makes it difficult for him to defend against attacks on his edges, which can result in him giving up pressures or committing holding penalties.

 Torrence’s primary strength is his physicality in the run game, but his limited range as a player due to his struggles to move laterally and his reactionary athleticism are cause for concern. However, if Torrence is placed in the right system that highlights his strengths, he has the potential to become a successful player in the NFL.

Torrence has been noted as susceptible to speed rushers, as he only possesses good quickness off the snap and lacks the acceleration to corral defenders once they cross his face. This means that he may struggle to keep up with faster, more agile defenders, who can easily slip past him and disrupt the play.

In addition, Torrence has a tendency to get too high in his sets, sacrificing some of his power in the process. This can be detrimental to his overall effectiveness as a blocker, as he needs to maintain a low center of gravity to maximize his strength and leverage.

Moreover, Torrence does not always show great coordination between his upper and lower body when sliding back in pass protection. This can make it challenging for him to stay balanced and maintain his position, especially against more dynamic defenders who can change direction quickly.


Despite these areas for improvement, Torrence is still a highly skilled and versatile player who has the potential to excel at the next level. His experience at both guard spots, along with his raw power and impressive technique, make him a valuable asset to any team. With the right coaching and development, Torrence can continue to hone his skills and become an even more dominant force on the field.

Torrence is the elite guard in the 2023 NFL draft. He has unmatched power, talent, and sheer size. He’s a phone booth who can absorb contact on a bull rush and yet generate movement to be a dominant run blocker. He’s going to be an anchor on a teams line for seasons to come.

He is our 27th ranked prospect overall on our draft big board. He’s our top ranked guard and our 5th ranked offensive lineman. 

Plus Side:

  • Off the charts strength and raw power
  • Great grip strength and hand placement
  • Drive blocker through to the second level


  • Height can be a disadvantage and cause him to get driven back on blocks when he doesn’t get low enough
  • Nice job as a pass blocker but could polish his game a bit more; lacking lateral quickness on pass blocks
  • Lacks vision occasionally to identify stunts and assist on double team blocks