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Paris Johnson Jr.

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Paris Johnson Jr.

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Arizona Cardinals
Offensive line, Right Tackle
Paris Johnson Jr draft profile

Paris Johnson Jr. Draft Profile – 2023 NFL Draft

Paris Johnson Jr. NFL Draft Scouting Report Introduction

Paris Johnson Jr. is a highly touted prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft class, hailing from Ohio State University. A consensus five-star recruit from Cincinnati, Johnson was the Buckeyes’ starting right guard in 2021 before moving over to left tackle in 2022. Not only has he proven to be an impact starter on the field, but he also excels in the classroom, receiving several academic accolades. Johnson is also highly involved in volunteering and has established a foundation to support veterans and underprivileged children.

Paris Johnson Jr. 2023 NFL Draft Profile

In 2022, Johnson Jr. came into his own as Ohio State’s left tackle, especially as the season progressed and he gained more experience at his natural position. He is an explosive athlete with smooth movement skills and exceptional range as a run blocker. His combination of top-end mobility and impressive frame, featuring an athletic build with long limbs, leads to dominant reps.

Johnson’s ability to recover from both a body position and hand control standpoint is impressive, and his tenacity and mean streak show up consistently in his play. He does well to eliminate the air from reps by jumping set and setting the clamps, and his foot quickness, control, and length make him effective in vertical sets.


Paris Johnson Jr. forty yard dash- 5.1 seconds

Player Comparison- Terron Armstead


Scouting Report- Strengths

Paris Johnson Jr. is a highly regarded prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft, known for his intelligence and leadership both on and off the field. Johnson is a smart student who has been recognized academically and is a natural leader who inspires those around him. He is a competitor with a positive attitude and leadership traits that coaches admire.

In the field, Johnson’s quickness off the snap is one of his strengths. He has the flexibility to seal reach blocks, but he truly shines in close quarters, where he demonstrates his power and nastiness in the run game.

Johnson is effective at winning at the point of attack and has the athleticism to get out and pull blocks at the second level. He plays with a wide base and has the intelligence, instincts, and agility to seal the edge, demonstrating his aggressive approach with power punches.

As a pass protector, the Ohio State offensive tackle has a strong, flexible core that allows him to absorb and anchor against bull rushes. He has improved his footwork and hand placement significantly during his college career, demonstrating his ability to be coached. Johnson also has an impressive understanding of stunts and delayed blitzes, making him a valuable asset in pass protection.

Johnson was a five-star recruit, and his elite athleticism and movement skills set him apart. He has the foot speed to stay with the best edge rushers, the power to move opponents in the run game, and a reliable and consistent grip and core strength.

His lateral agility and athleticism allow him to effectively mirror defenders, making him a well-rounded prospect with high potential at the next level.

Scouting Report- Weaknesses

However, there are areas for Johnson to improve upon. To elevate his game, he should prioritize adding functional strength, particularly in his lower body, which will make him more dynamic in the run game and improve his anchor.

One of his challenges is his power in the run game, as he sometimes appears to lack the ability to generate movement at the point of attack and can struggle to keep up with moving bodies at the second level. Additionally, his height can be a disadvantage in short-yardage situations, as defenders can get under his pads and stop him from advancing.

One of Johnson’s most noticeable weaknesses is his tendency to get too eager in his blocking, often lunging and reaching with poor balance. This can result in losing control and allowing pass rushers to get close to his body instead of using his length to deliver a powerful punch. This could be a challenge for Johnson early on in his career, especially if he is asked to block on an island.

Johnson’s experience as a tackle is limited, as he has only played that position for one year. He has a tendency to lunge into blocks and can appear unbalanced, and he needs to work on his weight distribution. He also has a habit of ducking his head, effectively blocking blindly, and he needs to improve the angles he takes to avoid letting rushers beat him inside.

Currently, Johnson is better as a run blocker than a pass protector, and will need further development in that area to reach his full potential.

Paris Johnson Jr. 2023 NFL Draft Summary

Although he only played left tackle for one season, the Ohio State offensive lineman has potential as an early NFL starter at that position is high, with the ceiling to grow into an impact starter and a cornerstone for his unit at the next level.

Plus Side:

  • A true leader
  • Athletic and quick
  • Flexibility and great lower body strength


  • Johnson started only one season at left tackle
  • Lack of balance
  • Teams may project him to be a guard

Johnson Jr. is a top-15 pick in the first round of April’s draft. He’s an impact player that is athletic and will be a day 1 starter in a total offense. Although he lacks a long resume of dozens of games played at left tackle, the Ohio State stand-out will be a versatile contributor in both the pass and run attack in a total offense.

We rank him as our 10th overall rank on our draft bog board and 2nd ranked offensive lineman behind Peter Skoronski.