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Quindell Johnson

Quindell Johnson draft profile

Quindell Johnson

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Quindell Johnson draft profile

High School and College Career

Quindell Johnson from Edna Karr High School was a 3-star prospect before he decided to join Memphis.

In his freshman year at Memphis in 2019, Johnson played in 14 games and logged a total of 565 snaps. He recorded an impressive 44 tackles, had a single pass breakup, and secured 2 interceptions. He had an elite QB rating of 26.3 when targeted.

As a sophomore in 2020, Johnson played in 11 games and contributed significantly to the Tigers’ defensive squad by logging 766 snaps. He added 69 tackles, notched 3 pass breakups, and secured 3 interceptions, with a QB rating of 94.8 when targeted.

In his junior year in 2021, Johnson played in 12 games and for 928 snaps. He chalked up an impressive 80 tackles, forced 7 pass breakups and one interception and gave up a QB rating of 98.1 when targeted.

Finally, in his senior year of 2022, Johnson played in 11 games and logged 687 snaps. He continued to show his remarkable abilities by securing 68 tackles, 5 pass breakups, and 4 interceptions. The result was a stellar QB rating of 49.2 when targeted.

Quindell Johnson Scouting Report Introduction

Quindell Johnson is a highly skilled playmaker for the Memphis football team, and his proven track record as a starter spans multiple seasons. A versatile athlete, Johnson possesses the ability to thrive in a variety of defensive positions, including single-high defender and man coverage. His smooth and fluid athleticism allows him to anticipate his opponents’ movements and position himself strategically to leverage routes.

In addition to his coverage skills, Johnson is an aggressive run defender, consistently displaying a willingness to charge downhill towards the ball carrier. He is also a reliable tackler, taking consistently sound angles and wrapping up his opponents firmly due to his competitive toughness. With strong ball skills, Johnson has made many impressive plays while driving forward on football and locating the ball with his back to the line of scrimmage.

One of Johnson’s key strengths is his balanced ability to perform against both the run and pass. He possesses good size, athleticism, experience, and versatility that enable him to be a valuable asset to the Memphis team.

However, Johnson is not without his weaknesses. Although his assertiveness in pursuing the ball is commendable, there are times when he lacks awareness of blockers and appears to play through a straw. His ability to beat blocks and play through contact is below average, and he relies more on his smoothness than his suddenness when it comes to athleticism.

Despite his strengths and weaknesses, Johnson has exhibited a high level of consistency throughout his three seasons with Memphis. However, the question remains as to what lies ahead in his evolution as a player.


Quindell Johnson has a great ability to quickly close in on the ball when in coverage. He does this through solid route recognition. His unrivaled instincts, especially in the box, make him a force to be reckoned with. Johnson is also known for his sound and solid tackling abilities and takes good angles in pursuit.

On the field, Johnson is known for his quick, agile feet and fluid hips, which enables him to mirror quickness and change direction with ease. This agility allows him to shine when defending slot receivers in man coverage. Additionally, he does an excellent job of breaking down in space as a tackler after the catch, further solidifying his status as a top player.


He tends to take poor angles when trying to catch the ball and he lacks the pure speed necessary to chase down the ball carrier. Johnson lacks the explosiveness to make up for poor angles. He doesn’t seem to have the agility required to make quick, explosive moves on the field. Instead, he needs to show better flexibility and bend in his drops. This will allow him to move more fluidly and make quicker decisions, ultimately leading to more effective play.

Johnson also tends to play too high, which can be a disadvantage. When he is upright, opponents can get an advantage over him, which may lead to him getting beat over the top too often.
Johnson struggles with is finishing plays. He has been known to slip off tackles at times, leaving important opportunities on the field. He needs to maintain a consistent performance and become more skilled at finishing plays to correct this.

Overall, Quindell Johnson is a capable player but has some areas that require attention and improvement. With work and dedication, Johnson has the potential to be a stronger player and a more valuable asset to his team.

Quindell Johnson is the 157th prospect on our draft big board.