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Rashee Rice

Rashee Rice draft profile

Rashee Rice

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Rashee Rice draft profile

Rashee Rice Draft Profile

Rashee Rice was a 3-star recruit and chose to join the football team at SMU. As a freshman in the 2019, he played in 10 games, amassing 25 receptions for 403 yards, with one touchdown. Notably, his quarterback rating when targeted was a respectable 81.7.

The following year, as a sophomore in 2020, Rice built on his freshman performance and had an impressive season. In 10 games, he managed to make 47 catches for 681 yards, with five touchdowns. His quarterback rating when targeted was an impressive 96.4, showcasing his connection with his quarterback and his skill in making himself available for passes.

In his junior year in 2021, Rice further established himself as a key player on SMU’s offense. Playing in 12 games, he managed to catch 64 passes for 682 yards, with nine touchdowns. Furthermore, his quarterback rating when targeted skyrocketed to an elite 135.3, indicating that he had become an even more reliable option for his quarterback.

Finally, in his senior year in 2022, Rice put together an outstanding season. In 12 games, he caught an astounding 96 passes for 1,344 yards, with 10 touchdowns. His average of 14.0 yards per catch was also impressive, as was his quarterback rating when targeted of 99.9.

Overall, Rashee Rice’s career at SMU exemplified his growth and development as a football player. Despite not being highly rated as a high school recruit, Rice’s performance on the field proved that he had the potential to be an elite player at the college level. Through his four years at SMU, he established himself as a key player on the team’s offense and demonstrated his skill as a receiver.

Rashee Rice Scouting Report Introduction

Rashee Rice has made a name for himself as one of the most dynamic receivers in college football, despite having multiple offers from Power Five teams. Instead, he chose to attend Southern Methodist University (SMU), which has consistently produced NFL-level wide receivers, and it seems that Rice will be the next in line.

Physically, Rice is impressive with his sturdy frame, good height, and length. He is also a dynamic athlete in terms of acceleration and long speed. Rice’s terrific balance is particularly evident at the catch point and after the catch, and he is known for frequently catching the football and evading the first defender to gain yards.

Rice showcases his strong ball skills and the ability to locate and make adjustments to the football. Additionally, he is an aggressive blocker, bringing the fight when creating lanes for his teammates. Rice can win from both the slot and out wide, proving his versatility as a receiver.

However, one of Rice’s most notable concerns when projecting him to the next level is developing and expanding his route tree. As Rice is capable of executing any route, SMU’s spread offense rarely tasked him with a wide range of routes, so it is essential for him to acclimate to having more on his plate in the NFL. Drops have also been problematic for Rice, despite his ability to make otherworldly catches look easy.

Overall, in his first year in the NFL, Rice’s versatility and appeal to all levels of the field should give him the opportunity to become a top-four option for an NFL offense. By his third year, Rice has the potential to become an impact starter and a featured component of his offense.


Rashee Rice is a standout athlete who possesses a range of desirable qualities that make him a valuable asset to any team. One of his greatest strengths is his fluid athleticism, which allows him to move smoothly and with excellent short-area quickness. This means he can create separation from defenders and utilize his straight-line speed to threaten down the seam.

Rice is a natural playmaker who thrives with the ball in his hands. As a receiver, he is a fluid mover and is able to create space over the middle of the field. He has an impressive wingspan and soft hands, which give him a solid catch radius – a huge benefit for any quarterback looking for a reliable target. Furthermore, he has a good sense of how to run routes effectively and his frame makes him difficult to defend against in the red zone.

One of Rice’s greatest attributes is his ability to use his tall frame and long arms to increase his catch radius. He’s a target receiver, but he does have some run-after-catch ability. He plays with smoothness and balance and is particularly skilled in setting up defensive backs to help him create space for himself.

Rice is a consistent player who has shown remarkable progression at SMU. In fact, he broke out in the 2022 season, racking up an impressive 1344 yards and 10 touchdowns. His abilities have increased year over year, and he has become a truly impressive prospect for any team.

Overall, Rashee Rice is a valuable addition to any team, with a natural athletic ability and intangible qualities that make him a dynamic playmaker on the field.


During his time at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Rice played in a system that was known for its focus on the passing game. This means that he may be used to playing in an offense that is heavily reliant on throwing the ball and could struggle to adjust to a more balanced system in the NFL.

Despite having impressive statistics while at SMU, Rice’s stats may be somewhat inflated due to the limited route tree he ran. He primarily ran underneath routes and did not have as much opportunity to showcase his abilities as a deep threat. It remains to be seen whether he can consistently create yardage as a downfield receiver in the NFL.

Rice may also need to understand better how to sit down in zones, as this is an essential skill for wide receivers in the NFL. In college, he had limited exposure to zone coverage and may struggle to adjust to the more complex defensive schemes he will encounter at the professional level.

Finally, despite being an athlete with impressive speed and agility, Rice does not seem to create as much separation from defenders as one might expect. This weakness will be exposed at the NFL level, where cornerbacks are typically much more skilled and athletic.

Rashee Rice is our 72nd prospect on our draft big board.