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Ricky Stromberg

Ricky Stromberg draft profile

Ricky Stromberg

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Ricky Stromberg draft profile

High School and College Career

Ricky Stromberg, from Union High School, was a 4-star recruit and decided to commit to the University of Arkansas.

Stromberg’s freshman year at Arkansas in 2019 saw him play 12 games, tallying a total of 722 snaps. He played mostly at right guard and he allowed 9 quarterback hurries,6 quarterback hits, and zero sacks.

Stromberg’s sophomore year in 2020 saw him transition to playing at the center position. He played in 9 games for 628 snaps. He allowed just 2 quarterback hurries, one quarterback hit, and one sack in total.

The following season in 2021, Stromberg continued to improve and impress on the field. Playing in 13 games, he racked up a total of 873 snaps at center. During this season, he gave up 7 quarterback hurries, 2 quarterback hits, and 3 sacks.

In his final year at Arkansas in 2022, Stromberg played in 12 games, tallying a whopping 898 snaps at the center position. He allowed 11 quarterback hurries, no quarterback hits, and no sacks.

Ricky Stromberg Scouting Report Introduction

Ricky Stromberg is a well-experienced starter in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), having faced off against some of the best defenders in the league. As a result, it is easy to identify his strengths as a player. He has the ability to execute high-level reps in both the vertical run game and as a quick-reach player in order to establish a firm lane for cutbacks. Stromberg uses his hands effectively at the point of attack to combat and manipulate the pads of defenders to carve out gaps. Furthermore, he has a solid anchor and can withstand power rushes from opposing players.

In addition, Stromberg’s positional versatility is a significant plus. His ability to move around and reshuffle the offensive line in response to injuries can be a valuable asset. This is particularly important as teams try to balance their 53-man roster composition throughout the season.

However, there are some notable weaknesses in Stromberg’s game. When facing elite talent along the Georgia defensive line, he struggled to consistently win. The bigger defenders tested his ability to finish blocks effectively, whereas the quicker penetration types challenged his initial burst and his capacity to move quickly out of the blocks. Additionally, length was a significant issue that prevented him from fitting blocks consistently in those matchups.

Overall, while Ricky Stromberg has demonstrated many strengths during his time in the SEC, there are areas of his game that need improvement in order for him to compete consistently at a higher level.


Stromberg has a strong instinct once the ball is snapped, allowing him to read and react quickly to stunts and twists. He understands the angles of the run game, showing an awareness that is above average for someone with his level of experience.
Stromberg’s strength is another key attribute, allowing him to anchor against bigger defensive linemen. He is a true mauler in the run game but is also quite physical in pass protection as well. He consistently finishes blocks, dropping on defenders when he has them on the ground.

As a pass protector, Stromberg is fluid and has excellent snap and punch quickness. He is also able to adjust at the second level, showing a level of fluidity that is not often seen in players with his level of experience.

Overall, Stromberg is an impressive player who brings a lot to the table. He is physically imposing, with upper body strength and a tenacity that allows him to outperform larger opponents. At the same time, he is intelligent, with a high football IQ that makes him an attractive prospect to position coaches.


Regarding his comfort level on the field, it seems Stromberg prefers moving forward as a run blocker than settling into a pass protection position.

One of Stromberg’s primary issues is his over-reliance on his initial punch when attempting to stand up against pass rushers. This strategy often leaves him vulnerable to being taken down by his opponents, as he does not have the necessary mobility to adjust his positioning after the initial punch. Additionally, Stromberg has a tendency to stop his feet when he delivers these punches, which further inhibits his ability to adapt to incoming threats.

Another issue with Stromberg’s playing style is that he struggles with maintaining ideal balance when moving back into a pass protection set. This lack of balance makes it easier for his opponents to knock him off-kilter, resulting in lost opportunities for his team. Furthermore, when he is unable to win early on passing plays, he often finds himself struggling to mirror his opponents, rendering him ineffective in those situations.

In terms of agility and speed, Stromberg falls short in comparison to many of his peers. As a result, he is not as effective when it comes to getting around the field as a pulling guard. Additionally, he frequently has trouble effectively blocking opponents in open spaces or on a second level.

While Ricky Stromberg undoubtedly has a lot of strengths as an athlete, it is clear that he has several areas in which he could improve. With a focus on developing his mobility, balance, and adaptability, he could become a far more formidable player in both pass protection and run-blocking situations. He needs to be coached that he doesn’t have to win his assignment in the first couple of seconds after the snap and instead should be patient and keep battling.

Ricky Stromberg is the 146th prospect on our draft big board.