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Riley Moss

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Riley Moss draft profile

Riley Moss Draft Profile

Riley Moss, a former 2-star prospect from Ankeny Centennial High School, chose to attend the University of Iowa.

During his freshman campaign, Moss showcased his skills as a cornerback and played in 11 games. He recorded 20 tackles, 4 assists, and 4 stops, while also contributing in coverage with 2 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and a quarterback rating when targeted of 111.2.

Moss continued to make strides in his sophomore season, although his playing time was limited to 7 games. Despite this, he still contributed 3 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and an impressive quarterback rating when targeted at just 41.7.

In his junior year, Moss solidified his role as a starter, playing in 8 games and contributing on 550 snaps. He achieved 37 tackles, 2 assists, and forced 2 pass breakups, and 2 interceptions. Although his quarterback rating when targeted increased to 83.7, Moss remained a key player in the Iowa secondary.

Moss returned for his senior season in 2021, showing no signs of slowing down as he played in 11 games and logged 695 snaps. He managed to achieve an impressive 6 pass breakups, 4 interceptions, and surrendered a relatively low quarterback rating when targeted of just 55.1.

Finally, in his fifth year as a senior in 2022, Moss demonstrated consistent play and contributed 7 pass breakups and one interception. Although his quarterback rating when targeted increased to 82.7, Moss remained an effective player on the field, logging 811 snaps across 12 games.

Riley Moss Scouting Report Introduction

Riley Moss, a defensive back for the Iowa Hawkeyes, has made a name for himself over his four years of college football. With 54 games played and 38 starts under his belt, Moss has shown his worth as an experienced player. However, his skillset does not stop there. Moss has proven himself as a talented track athlete during his high school years, where he succeeded as both a sprinter and hurdler.

Moss has been recognized for his efforts on the field, earning the 2021 Big Ten Defensive Back of the Year and the Iowa team hustle award. What makes Moss such a valuable asset to the Iowa defense is his ability to produce turnovers. Throughout his career, he has managed to grab 11 interceptions and break up 26 passes. This statistic highlights his talent as an instinctive defender, particularly in zone coverage. His propensity for cueing the backfield and working into throwing lanes has impressed many. Moss’ consistency with coverage spacing and his ability to stay leveraged in zone is a testimony to his years of experience.

Moss’ experience as a receiver has also been an asset to his defensive game. He often shows up when challenged and given the opportunity to make a play on the football. Moss has also proven to be a sound run defender, able to recognize and fit the run, take on contact, and spill runs back toward the inside. Moreover, he is physical when taking on blocks, forcing the ball carrier to slow their feet and find an alternative route. Moss is a notable player when it comes to being physical with opponents. He excels in press coverage, at the top of routes, at the catch point, playing off contact, and tackling. This leads experts to believe that Moss could provide valuable special teams contributions.

However, Moss’ skillset falls short in some areas. While his straight-line speed is sufficient, he is not a twitchy or dynamic mover, making it difficult for him to mirror and match routes with consistency in man coverage. Furthermore, Moss has ordinary length, which can be a problem when playing at cornerback in a zone scheme at the next level. Additionally, while he is not a passive tackler or downhill player, he has missed several tackle attempts due to inconsistent angles and the failure to securely wrap up the ball carrier. This weakness raises the question of whether he should move to safety for him to succeed at the next level.

However, despite these shortcomings, Moss has the potential to provide valuable depth and strong special teams contributions. With his football intelligence, ball skills, and physicality, Moss can still make an impact on defense in the right situation.


Riley Moss is a dynamic cornerback with a wealth of skills and abilities that make him a valuable asset to any team. One of his most notable strengths is his fluidity on the field. With impressive speed and quick feet, Moss is able to defend slot receivers in man coverage with ease. Additionally, he has a knack for breaking down in space as a tackler, ensuring that his opponent doesn’t gain too much yardage after the catch.

Another highlight of Moss’s game is his core and lower-body strength, including a vertical jump of 42 inches and a broad jump of 10-8.

In addition to his strength and agility, Moss also possesses impressive footwork and quick change-of-direction abilities. This makes him a force to be reckoned with in press coverage, as he is able to size up his opponent before using his quick feet to mirror their movements. Despite his size and strength, he is equally skilled at playing zone coverage. His backpedal is low and smooth, allowing him to stay competitive even when playing off his man.

Moss is also physical at the line of scrimmage, utilizing unexpected power in his hands to disrupt receivers and throw them off their game. This, combined with his long speed and powerful hands, make him an effective player in a variety of coverage situations. Overall, his size and fluid movements make him a standout player, capable of keeping the opposing team on their toes throughout the game.


Riley Moss needs to understand route combinations better and gain a more advanced vision as plays unfold. These traits are critical for a cornerback as they help predict the opponent’s moves and intercept the ball. While Moss may possess other athletic traits, such as speed and strength, the lack of understanding of route combinations could limit his potential in the long run.

Moreover, Moss tends to play conservatively and gives too much cushion when playing off. This can be a disadvantage for a cornerback as it provides the opponent with ample space and time to make their moves. This style of play can also prevent Moss from being aggressive and getting involved in plays.

Overall, while Moss may have the potential to be a great player, these areas of improvement need to be addressed. Coaches and scouts can work with him to better understand route combinations and help him overcome his tendency to play conservatively. If Riley Moss can successfully address these areas of improvement, there is no doubt he could become a productive member of any secondary.

Riley Moss is our 73rd prospect on our draft big board.