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Roschon Johnson

Roschon Johnson draft profile

Roschon Johnson

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Roschon Johnson draft profile

High School and College Career

Roschon Johnson from Port Neches-Groves High School was a 4-star recruit and committed to Texas.

In his initial year with the Longhorns, Johnson played in 13 games as a freshman in 2019. He rushed for 650 yards on 123 attempts, averaging an impressive 5.3 yards per carry. Johnson scored 7 touchdowns and remarkably had no fumbles throughout the season. Additionally, he exhibited versatility as a receiver, producing 23 receptions for 158 yards.

As a sophomore in 2020, Johnson played in 10 games, where he continued to put his skills on display. He ran for 418 yards on 80 carries, with an impressive 5.2 yards per carry, and scored 6 touchdowns without any fumbles. While his receiving numbers dropped off a little, Johnson still made an impact with 8 receptions for 51 yards.

In 2021, Johnson returned for his junior year and played in 12 games. He further improved his rushing statistics, amassing 569 yards on 95 attempts, averaging an impressive 5.9 yards per carry. Johnson also scored 5 touchdowns and, as in previous seasons, did not commit any fumbles. His receiving numbers were solid with 11 receptions for 83 yards.

In Johnson’s senior year in 2022, he played in 12 games, and rushed for 545 yards on 94 carries, with an average of 5.8 yards per carry. Johnson scored 5 touchdowns but fumbled once during the season. However, he made up for it with an excellent showing in the passing game, receiving the ball 14 times for 128 yards.

Roschon Johnson Scouting Report Introduction

Texas running back Roschon Johnson may not be a household name in the draft community, but he is a player who should not be overlooked. Despite being overshadowed by star back Bijan Robinson over the last three seasons, Johnson has been a solid contributor for the Longhorns and has displayed the potential to be a legit NFL prospect in his own right.

One of Johnson’s strengths is his outstanding size and overall athleticism. As a patient runner, he displays excellent vision and instincts on the field. He allows the play to develop, staying square to the line of scrimmage, and waits for his opportunity to explode through a hole or slide across the line to find an open gap. Once he finds a crease, Johnson is a force to be reckoned with, as he runs with toughness and physicality, regularly breaking arm tackles.

However, as a taller back, Johnson has a tendency to run with a high pad level, which leaves him vulnerable to lower-body shots and ankle tackles. Additionally, he is a straight-line runner who struggles when forced off his track, lacking the agility to make defenders miss in the hole. Nevertheless, he compensates for these weaknesses by exhibiting excellent balance, strong leg drive, and the ability to push the pile on a consistent basis.

Despite being primarily utilized as a runner, Johnson also brings value to the passing game. While his route-running requires some work, he is above average at catching the ball out of the backfield and is an outstanding pass blocker. When facing a blitzer, Johnson shows a willingness to deliver the blow with physicality and good technique. He scans the blitz and works inside-out, always ensuring protection for his quarterback.


One of Johnson’s striking attributes is his ability to work in space. He has displayed the quickness and vision of a return specialist, with his stop-start ability giving him the dexterity to create initial separation. Additionally, Johnson’s decent burst and straight-line speed have allowed him to turn in some remarkable plays.

Despite his size, Johnson’s footwork is often praised. He is a decisive runner with good vision, quickly locating his hole and getting through it faster than expected. Moreover, he is aggressive and willing when asked to chip block or pick up blitzes. Johnson has the potential to be one of the league’s best in this area.

Johnson’s ability to shed tacklers is a testament to his natural power, but he possesses patience and timing to his running. As a result, he has been able to keep an impressive forward lean and often ends up falling forward. Overall, Johnson’s transition from quarterback to running back has been smooth, and he has continued to grow in skill and power each passing season.


Johnson struggles to create separation. He doesn’t have top-end speed or excellent technique to ensure separation from opposing corners.

Johnson’s run-blocking ability is lacking, and he lacks the aggressive run-after-catch ability that some other players possess. This could potentially limit his effectiveness as a player in certain situations, as the ability to block and make yardage after catching the ball can be vital components of a successful play.

ohnson tends to rely on cut blocking in pass protection rather than fully engaging against blitzing opponents. While this is sometimes a successful strategy, it may not be the best approach for consistently protecting the quarterback and preventing sacks.

Roschon Johnson is the 147th prospect on our draft big board.