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Siaki Ika

Siaki Ika

Siaki Ika

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Siaki Ika, a former standout high school football player from East High School, was a 4-star recruit,  After high school, Ika joined the Louisiana State University (LSU) football team in 2019 as a freshman.

Despite being a newcomer to the program, Ika quickly proved his worth by participating in 13 games and playing a total of 246 snaps for the Tigers. During his freshman year, he recorded 14 tackles and 3 assists while adding 10 stops. As a pass rusher, he added 3 total pressures, including 3 QB hits, but he failed to get any sacks on the season.

Ika’s sophomore year in 2020 was not as successful as his previous season, as he played in only 3 games and took part in 75 snaps for the Tigers. During this season, he recorded just 3 tackles, no assists, and 4 stops. However, he did manage to chalk up 5 total pressures as a pass rusher, including 1 sack, and 1 QB hurry.

Despite the setbacks, Ika’s talent and potential continued to be recognized by college football programs. As a result, he transferred to Baylor University for his junior year in 2021. During this season, Ika played in 13 games, played 505 snaps, and recorded 16 tackles and 4 assists. He also made 18 stops and had a total of 33 pressures as a pass rusher, including 24 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 6 sacks.

In his final season of college football in 2022 as a senior, Ika continued to make an impact on the field. He logged playing time in 12 games and played a total of 416 snaps for the Bears. During this season, he recorded 20 tackles, 4 assists, and 13 stops. He also tallied 18 total pressures as a pass rusher, including 15 QB hurries and 3 QB hits, but unfortunately, he was unable to get any sacks on the season.

Overall, Ika’s career in college football was marked by moments of success and struggle. However, his work ethic and talent allowed him to make significant contributions to LSU and he looks to be a solid prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft.


As a defensive tackle for Baylor, Siaki Ika has demonstrated the versatility and athleticism required to make an impact at the NFL level. With his large stature and impressive mobility, Ika excels as an A-gap defender, able to both penetrate and occupy space in the heart of the defense.

Despite his potential, Ika’s NFL valuation will likely depend on his ability to serve as a starting nose tackle. To achieve this, he will need to demonstrate an ability to consistently overcome opposing offensive linemen, particularly when engaged in double teams. While he has a prototypical frame and low center of gravity, Ika has shown inconsistencies in anchoring against these situations.

Additionally, his length may present a challenge at times, as offensive linemen are able to get into his frame. However, when working hip to hip, Ika is able to effectively flow and pursue the football in the running game. It is in these scenarios that he is able to showcase his skills, looking to flatten to the football and serve as a facilitator for his linebackers.

While Ika’s raw mass and initial quickness allow him to excel in one-on-one situations, some teams may be hesitant to facilitate matchups between Ika and opposing centers. This is due to the potential cost to defensive structure, which could detract from overall team performance. However, for teams willing to take the risk, Ika’s upside and potential to overwhelm is significant.

In order to unlock his full potential, Ika will need to improve his consistency in anchoring situations and develop more dynamic athleticism to remain on the field on third downs. Without these developments, he is likely to be viewed as a supersized penetration 1T at the NFL level. Nonetheless, with his impressive mobility and raw strength, Ika undoubtedly has the potential to serve as an NFL starter and make significant contributions to his team.


Siaki Ika 40 YARD DASH- 5.52 SECONDS



Siaki Ika’s skill as a football player is evident on the field, particularly in his ability to make the impressive chest-to-chest bear hug tackle in the hole. This is due in part to his ability to wreak havoc in the backfield, using his heavy hands aggressively to rock offensive linemen back. When engaged in a phone booth with blockers, Ika shows the ability to disengage and out-grapple them.

Despite his bowling-ball build, Ika has demonstrated impressive agility and footwork, allowing him to work laterally down the line of scrimmage in pursuit. He is able to create a pile in the middle and has even shown the ability to split the occasional double-team, though his high pad level can leave him susceptible to being blown off the ball.

As a high-motor pass rusher, Ika’s compact but wide frame and long arms give him an advantage when pressuring quarterbacks. While he provides some secondary interior pass rush, he is most effective when playing the three-technique, where he is able to get significant penetration into the backfield.

Overall, Ika’s combination of strength, agility, and determination make him a valuable addition to any team. While he may struggle at times due to his high pad level, his ability to make disruptive tackles and pressure quarterbacks cannot be denied. As he continues to develop his skills and adapt to the NFL level of play, Ika has the potential to become a standout defensive player in the league.


As a football player, Siaki Ika has shown great potential on the field. However, he does have some areas where he can improve his performance. For instance, he doesn’t have a lot of suddenness to his game, which means he may not be able to consistently wreck plays.

One of the areas where Ika can improve is in his fundamental soundness. He currently lacks much technique in his arsenal, which can limit his effectiveness in certain situations. Nonetheless, he has demonstrated impressive raw talent that suggests he has the potential to improve in this area over time.

Despite his raw strength, Ika can sometimes be a bit underpowered, particularly when playing too high. This can lead to difficulties in holding the point of attack against double teams, which limits his overall effectiveness on the field.


With time and experience, he has the potential to overcome these limitations and become a more well-rounded player. Additionally, his impressive mobility and strength suggest that he has the raw talent needed to excel at the highest levels of the game. With the right coaching and development, Ika could become a significant force on the field and a valuable addition to any team.

Siaki Ika is our 44th ranked prospect on our 2023 NFL Draft big board.

Plus Side:

  • Moves well given his size and length
  • Great 3-technique
  • High motor


  • Lacks quick initial burst
  • Unpolished player, needs to improve technique
  • Can play too high