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Stetson Bennett

Stetson Bennett draft profile

Stetson Bennett

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Stetson Bennett draft profile

High School and College Career

Stetson Bennett’s rise to college football stardom is far from the conventional path that most prospects typically take. Bennett, who played high school football at Pierce County High School in Georgia, was a strong performer during his senior year, leading his team to three consecutive state playoff appearances while producing an impressive stat line of 3,724 passing yards, 500 rushing yards, and 40 touchdowns.

Despite his on-field accomplishments, Bennett’s recruiting profile was less than stellar, as he was a two-star recruit., but he received an offer from the University of Georgia. Unfortunately, his ascent was briefly halted with the addition of highly touted quarterback Justin Fields, which prompted Bennett to transfer to Jones County College.

After a solid showing at the JUCO level, Bennett returned to Georgia, where he spent his first season as the backup to Jake Fromm. His opportunities were limited, but he showed promise in the four games he played, completing over 74% of his passes and throwing for 260 yards without being sacked.

Bennett’s moment finally arrived in 2020 when starter D’Wan Mathis struggled, leading to Bennett being named the starter for the remainder of the season. While his numbers were not eye-popping, he was efficient with a completion percentage of 54.4% and throwing 8 touchdowns. He was also a capable runner, adding 101 yards on the ground.

The 2021 season was a rollercoaster ride for Bennett, as he was designated a backup yet again, this time to JT Daniels. But when Daniels went down with an injury, Bennett was called upon to lead the Bulldogs once again. In 13 games as the starter, he threw for over 2,500 yards and 27 touchdowns, leading Georgia to the College Football Playoff National Championship game against Alabama.
Bennett returned for his fifth year as a senior in 2022. He proved to be a reliable and steady presence for the Bulldogs, completing nearly 68% of his passes and throwing for over 3,400 yards. He also added 20 touchdowns through the air and was a capable runner, picking up 224 yards on the ground.

Stetson Bennett Scouting Report Introduction

Stetson Bennett, the reigning National Championship offensive MVP, has received high praise for his heart, toughness, and grit on the field. He is a true gamer who has earned the trust of head coach Kirby Smart through his reliability and effectiveness. Recruited as a pro-style quarterback, Bennett shows adequate mobility to scramble for positive yardage, and Georgia will run read-option plays to take advantage of his quickness and the defensive ends crashing. Bennett operates the offense with efficiency and effectiveness and can be described as a game manager at quarterback who rarely puts the ball in harm’s way. He prefers advantageous windows to maximize his attempts and rarely pushes the ball downfield.

However, despite his successes, Bennett has several limitations that cap the potential of the Bulldogs’ offense. He is undersized with a slender build and lacks the dynamism or frame to handle carries. Bennett also has a weak NFL arm, which significantly diminishes his ball placement further down the field, especially when facing tighter-man coverage. As a result, his targets must be open for him to attempt to push the ball downfield. His check-down style of play can cause him to be too reliant on his tight ends in the passing game and not fully maximize the talent at the wide receiver position. Bennett also benefited from playing with an elite defense and strong run game, leading to him epitomizing the phrase “win with, not because of.”

Furthermore, Bennett tends to stare down one read, leading to him holding the ball for prolonged times, creating pressure and leaks from pass protection. These limitations, while not diminishing his effectiveness as a player, limit the potential of the Georgia offense when it comes to passing and maximizing the talents of the wider receiver position.


While his arm strength may not be considered elite, he has demonstrated that he can make most of the essential throws required in the NFL. In particular, he excels at effortless intermediate passes, showcasing his ability to accurately and confidently hit his targets.

One of Bennett’s greatest assets is his awareness and quick thinking when the play breaks down. He has a high football IQ, allowing him to read and react to different situations on the field. He’s not afraid to change plays at the line of scrimmage, which can be a valuable asset in the pros. Additionally, he’s able to see the field well and make good decisions, even under pressure.

His passes are also highly catchable, making them easier for his receivers to catch. Moreover, Bennett is not limited to his arm and can pick up yards with his legs when needed. He demonstrates a natural ability to avoid pressure and buy time, which can be an advantage in tight game situations.

In terms of physical abilities, Bennett has exceptional vision balance, elusiveness, and deceptive speed as a runner. He has a quick release, which makes him difficult to sack. Although his athletic skills may be considered average, his natural instincts for the game and fantastic never-say-die attitude make up for it. He proves to be a natural leader, and his teammates respect him greatly.

Overall, Stetson Bennett has shown to be a competent quarterback, and although he may not have the elite physical attributes of other QBs, his football IQ, awareness, and confidence make him a valuable asset to any team.


On the one hand, Bennett is known for keeping his eyes up and staying alert while on the move. However, one concerning aspect of his gameplay is that he often holds onto the ball for too long, which can lead to missed opportunities and unnecessary sacks.

Additionally, some physical limitations and mechanical issues may hinder Bennett’s success at the next level. For one, his diminutive size may be a cause for concern, as he measures just 5-11 and weighs in at a modest 190 Lbs. This could make it difficult for him to stay healthy and productive in the pocket, unless he has a top-notch offensive line to protect him.

Moreover, Bennett’s arm strength is only average, lacking the zip and power that some top quarterbacks possess. This can cause accuracy issues when he is unable to properly plant his feet and get enough momentum behind his throws.

Stetson Bennett is the 149th prospect on our draft big board.