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Thomas Incoom

Thomas Incoom draft profile

Thomas Incoom

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Denver Broncos
Edge/DE, Outside Linebacker
Thomas Incoom draft profile

High School and College Career

Thomas Incoom attended Stone Mountain High School prior to committing to Central Michigan. In his freshman year in 2021, he had the opportunity to play in 13 games and spend a total of 369 snaps on the field as a member of the Chippewas. During this time, he amassed 24 tackles and 6 assists, showcasing his overall prowess as a defensive player. He also served as an effective pass rusher, amassing a total of 30 pressures, including 14 QB hurries, 9 QB hits, and 7 sacks during his first season.

In his sophomore year, Incoom made significant strides in his development, playing in 12 games and taking 733 snaps on the field in 2022. During this time, he recorded 38 tackles, making him an even more formidable threat on the field. His performance as a pass rusher was particularly impressive, as he chalked up a total of 42 pressures, 25 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and 11 sacks over the course of the season.

Thomas Incoom Scouting Report Introduction

Thomas Incoom, the EDGE player from Central Michigan, is considered an extremely talented developmental pass rusher with exceptional gifts and the ability to shift the momentum of a game. His relentless nature to reach the football, combined with his NFL-ready physique, makes him an intriguing prospect for teams seeking a pass rusher.

Initially, Incoom was a 2-star recruit who committed to playing at Valdosta State after finishing high school in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He played two seasons at Valdosta State, during which he recorded 13 sacks in 25 games (12 starts), before moving to Central Michigan. Incoom was named All-Gulf South Conference and was among the top sack artists in Division II in sacks per game during his time at Valdosta State. After starting two games in 2021 as a rotational player, Incoom took on a significant role for the Chips in 2022 and had a breakout season with 11.5 sacks and 18.5 tackles for loss.

Incoom’s biggest strength is his relentless approach to the game. He has the ability to fire off the ball with urgency and is effective in releasing off the edge. In addition, he has an uncanny ability to continuously gain ground and squeeze the play off of the edge, while displaying good snap anticipation and rush counters. He is also versatile in his approach, utilizing both speed and finesse moves, as well as his hands, to shake blockers and create opportunities.

Incoom’s upside is his developmental potential. With his reported ability to hit 21 mph on the GPS, he has illustrated enough flexibility and lean to flatten off the edge and compress the pocket, as well as the instincts and the nose for the ball to be a constant threat on the field. Even in games where he does not score, he is a constant pest with range and effort, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Although Incoom has demonstrated his ability to navigate through heavy traffic and split-action flow across his face, and has excelled against teams like Penn State, he has yet to be tested by NFL talent in the trenches. This may prove to be a hurdle for him to clear as he transitions to the NFL, but with the right coaching and training, he has the potential to be a high-quality pass rusher in the NFL.

It is important to note that Incoom’s expectations should be modest in his early years in the NFL. As a developmental prospect, he will need time to grow and refine his skills before becoming a starter.


Thomas Incoom is a well-rounded football player who possesses a specific set of skills that make him an ideal candidate for various positions on the field. When it comes to snap anticipation and timing, Incoom has it all. He is able to accurately predict when the snap will happen, and he has the timing to beat blockers off the edge. Additionally, Incoom is known to be a naturally explosive player, with a decent get-off speed, making him a real asset to any team.

One significant aspect that sets Incoom apart from others is his ability to maintain a well-balanced stance, even when faced with contact or double-teams. This trait allows him to remain tough against blockers and ensure he is in control of the play.

In terms of run-stoppage, Incoom is one of the best in the game. Despite having a relatively tall frame, he is able to play with a low pad level, which makes it challenging for opponents to take him down. In fact, he has violent hands, which he can use to his advantage at the point of attack, giving him an edge over his rivals.

Incoom also has excellent reaction speed and is quick to locate the ball. Moreover, he uses his speed to succeed in backside pursuit, enabling him to participate in several different types of plays.


Incoom is undoubtedly gifted, he has yet to refine his technique to match his raw abilities. In particular, he struggles with pass rushing and could benefit from developing a counter move or two to improve his effectiveness in this area.

Another area where Incoom could stand to improve is in his use of his hands. This is a fundamental part of football and can make a big difference in a player’s ability to take on and defeat his opponents. If Incoom can learn to use his hands better, he will be able to overpower his opponents and make more impactful plays on the field.

Overall, there is no doubt that Thomas Incoom has the potential to be a valuable player for his team. However, in order to take his game to the next level, he will need to focus on developing his technique and making better use of his hands.

Thomas Incoom is our 87th prospect on our draft big board.