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Tyler Scott


Tyler Scott

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Chicago Bears
Wide Receiver
Tyler Scott draft profile

High School and College Career

Tyler Scott, was a 3-star recruit from Norton High School and decided to join Cincinnati.

Tyler Scott played very little as a freshman in 2020, making only three receptions for a total of 20 yards. However, he showed considerable improvement in his sophomore year in 2021, playing 14 games and showcasing his talents with an impressive total of 30 catches for 520 yards. With an average of 17.3 yards per catch, Tyler Scott scored five touchdowns, and had exceptional QB rating when targeted of 133.6.

He played 11 games as a junior in 2022 and secured an impressive 55 catches for 904 yards. With an average of 16.4 yards per catch, Scott hauled in nine touchdowns, alongside an outstanding QB rating when targeted of 116.9.

Tyler Scott Scouting Report Introduction

One reason for Scott’s success is his explosive athleticism, particularly his elite speed. His speed allows him to win vertically by outrunning defenders. Additionally, his skillful route running and smooth cuts make it difficult for defenders to keep up with him, often causing them to take false steps. This creates opportunities for Scott to get behind the defense and threaten vertically. Defenders must respect his speed, which opens up opportunities for Scott in the short-to-intermediate areas of the field.

Scott has also shown himself to be an excellent outside receiver, although opportunities to execute from the slot have been limited. He displays good ball adjustment skills, enabling him to make the most of his opportunities downfield. Despite not being the biggest receiver, Scott impresses with his ability to elevate for the football and extend his catch radius. He has also claimed his share of wins when challenged with contested catch points.

In addition to his speed and route running, Scott’s twitch and elusiveness make him dynamic with the ball in his hands. He can make defenders miss in open space and break pursuit angles with his explosiveness.

While Scott has many strengths, there are a few concerns regarding his game. For instance, he has a lean build and may struggle to win with play strength. Additionally, Scott has experienced a fair amount of drops, often due to modest grip strength when attempting to secure the ball. Although he shows great promise as an outside receiver, his limited experience working from the slot is something to monitor.

The upside for Scott is to be a number two receiver in the NFL. His ability to win at all levels of the field, create after the catch, and impact the spacing of the offense with his vertical ability make him a valuable asset for any NFL team.


Tyler Scott possesses the ability to outrun the defense with ease, and his elongated strides make him difficult to catch. Additionally, he has an unfathomable talent of taking the top off the defense, a rare and valuable skill. Scott tracks the ball well down the field and exhibits acute ball skills. He can go up high-pointing the ball in contested situations, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Scott excels at jet sweeps, end-arounds, and WR screens. He is a go-to option for these plays due to his quick reflexes, decisive moves, and exceptional acceleration. Additionally, Scott exhibits exceptional ball-tracking skills and hand-eye coordination, which allow him to catch underthrown balls and back-shoulder passes.

In terms of physical ability, Scott exhibits suddenness off the line of scrimmage and accelerates quickly. He’s one of the fastest players in the draft, making him an exceptional deep threat. Furthermore, his hands are reliable and make him willing to catch balls in traffic over the middle.


One noteworthy concern is his catch radius, which is only average due to his short arm length. As a result, he may struggle to make catches on passes that are slightly off target or require a larger reach.

Another area of concern for Scott is his blocking ability in the run game, which is largely non-existent. This weakness could prevent him from contributing to the team in schemes that rely on both running and passing plays. While Scott has shown potential as a slot option in the pros, his slight frame is not uncommon among receivers, and it could lead to being knocked off his route.

Scott has also struggled with drops, which could be a major issue in his ability to make a significant impact in the NFL. He had 7 drops in his final season. These were mainly due to him not using his hands to catch the ball away from his body.

Tyler Scott is the 150th prospect on our draft big board.