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Tyrique Stevenson


Tyrique Stevenson

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Tyrique Stevenson draft profile

High School and College Career

Tyrique Stevenson was a 4-star recruit from Miami Southridge Senior High School prior to joining the University of Georgia, where he started his college career in 2019 as a freshman.

In his first year with the Bulldogs, Stevenson played in 12 games and contributed a total of 223 snaps as a cornerback. He put together a solid performance, recording 12 tackles, 3 assists, and 8 stops during the season. Stevenson also impacted coverage by adding 3 pass breakups while receiving a QB rating of 66.4 when targeted by opposing quarterbacks.

As a sophomore in 2020, Stevenson transitioned to the slot corner position and played in 10 games. He logged 412 snaps for the Bulldogs, making 27 tackles and 9 assists. Additionally, he had 12 stops in total. While in coverage, he recorded 5 pass breakups and was targeted by opposing quarterbacks for a rating of 106.8.

After finishing his second year at Georgia, Stevenson decided to transfer to Miami where he was given the opportunity to play a more traditional corner role. In his first season as a Hurricane in 2021, Stevenson played in 11 games, contributing to 586 snaps. He made a significant impact with 42 tackles, 6 assists, and 19 stops. While in the secondary, he forced 4 pass breakups and intercepted one pass. His efforts resulted in a superb QB rating of 69.1 when targeted by opposing quarterbacks.

During his senior year in 2022, Stevenson continued to shine, playing in 11 games and seeing action in 554 snaps. He logged 24 tackles, 3 assists, and made 8 stops. Additionally, he recorded 5 pass breakups and intercepted two passes. Stevenson also displayed a commendable performance during coverage, earning a QB rating of 78.4 when targeted.

Tyrique Stevenson Scouting Report Introduction

Tyrique Stevenson has emerged as a promising player in the secondary for the Miami Hurricanes football team. After spending two seasons at the University of Georgia, Stevenson transferred to Miami and quickly established himself as a staple in the Hurricanes’ defense. In 2021, he earned All-ACC Honorable Mention honors and showcased his potential to disrupt the timing of patterns as a physical outside cornerback, particularly in press-man coverage.

In terms of measurable physical attributes, Stevenson is a big-time height/weight/speed athlete at the cornerback position. He possesses length and physicality that allow him to re-route receivers early in the play and contest the hands of receivers at the catch point. He also shows good acceleration to work back into the catch point and challenge receivers when meeting the football. His ball production has been on the rise as well, with nearly twice the number of plays on the ball in 2022 compared to his previous career high.

However, despite his effectiveness in press-man coverage, there are concerns surrounding Stevenson’s functional athleticism. While he possesses a lot of length and burst, his transitions are rigid, and he lacks the long speed and acceleration to consistently thrive on an island against receivers. Additionally, although he is vocal and eager when challenging opponents in the run game, he needs to improve his open-field tackling ability, as he has been caught off-balance at times, allowing opposing receivers to slip through his grasp for additional run after catch.

Stevenson’s versatility on special teams is noteworthy, even if he had a few misplays on kicks as a punt returner. As a cornerback, he projects well in a press-heavy system where his length and physicality can be utilized effectively. However, he could also be a developmental prospect as a subpackage safety, especially if he can improve his open-field tackling ability. His uncoachable qualities, such as his demeanor and instinctual play, should cement his upside as a player, making him a valuable addition to any NFL team.


Tyrique Stevenson is a promising corner in the world of football. Standing at a height of 6-0 and weighing 198lbs, he fits the mold of a prototypical outside cover corner. His impressive build allows him to steer receivers to the sideline without needing to resort to grabbing or holding them, especially when he is playing inside technique.

Stevenson often lines up in press coverage, where he showcases his quick and powerful punch. His ball skills are also noteworthy, and he comes to the field with an extremely confident and competitive demeanor. He has a tall frame with long arms to match, and, combined with his incredible hand strength and fluidity in his hips, Stevenson is able to turn and chase downfield with ease.

In addition to his physical capabilities, Stevenson possesses excellent tracking abilities, often getting his head around when playing in a trail position, which is an essential trait for a corner. His ball skills are also on point when breaking on a route, making him a valuable asset to any team. Furthermore, his strong tackling skills make him a valuable contributor to run support, solidifying his position as an all-around player.

A true press corner, Stevenson is unafraid to get in the face of receivers, displaying the speed necessary to run vertically with them. His impressive arm length coupled with his excellent leaping ability make him an effective red zone defender, making it difficult for opposing teams to score.


Tyrique Stevenson is a promising athlete with several areas that could benefit from improvement. While he has impressive straight-line speed, a key element in his success, his quickness and agility are only average. This was corroborated during the combine, in which his three-cone speed was subpar.

Stevenson’s technique also shows room for improvement. Specifically, he struggles with double moves and has difficulty tracking the ball downfield. His ball skills need refinement to enable him better to break up plays. He needs to understand route combinations better and improve his overall vision.

Furthermore, Stevenson has weaknesses in tackling. He is only an average tackler and struggles to wrap up consistently. His feet are not ideal, and his backpedal can become sloppy. This can lead to sluggish transitioning when closing in on the ball.

Tyrique Stevenson is our 81st prospect on our draft big board.