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Viliami Fehoko

Viliami Fehoko draft profile

Viliami Fehoko

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Dallas Cowboys
Viliami Fehoko draft profile

High School and College Career

Viliami Fehoko from St. Francis High School committed to play for San José State.

As a freshman in 2018, Fehoko saw action in only four games but managed to play a total of 69 snaps. In those snaps, he recorded three tackles.

In his sophomore year, Fehoko played in 12 games and 494 snaps for the Spartans. During this season, he recorded 31 tackles, 20 total pressures, 14 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, but no sacks.

Fehoko continued to excel as a junior in 2020, playing in eight games and 434 snaps. He recorded 26 tackles, 35 total pressures, 23 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and 6 sacks on the year.

As a senior in 2021, Fehoko logged playing time in all 12 games and recorded a total of 649 snaps for the Spartans. Although his tackle count decreased slightly, with 21 tackles, Fehoko still proved himself to be a solid pass rusher, with 52 total pressures, including 34 QB hurries, 10 QB hits, and an outstanding eight sacks on the season.

Fehoko returned for his fifth year as a senior in 2022, logging playing time in 11 games and playing a total of 537 snaps. Fehoko finished with 34 tackles, and 59 total pressures, including 44 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 12 sacks on the year.

Viliami Fehoko Scouting Report Introduction

Viliami Fehoko, a member of the San Jose State Spartans football team, comes from a family of football and athleticism. Fehoko is the second cousin of Vita Vea, a defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In addition to being a football player, Fehoko was also part of the East Palo Alto Razorbacks rugby club. Fehoko’s experience in these various sports has helped him develop into a multi-year starter for the Spartans’ defense.

Fehoko’s playing style is characterized by a level of aggression and relentless attacking. He consistently attacks offensive linemen, whether it be against the run or the pass. His hands are consistently active during reps — he throws multiple punches to keep his opponents off balance. Fehoko’s play strength is particularly noteworthy, especially in the run game. He is physically strong enough to anchor, stack, and shed blocks on the outside. He also shows an aptitude for understanding different run-blocking concepts and how to succeed against them. He excels at using his hands to defeat zone blocks, allowing him to remain clean and upright as he pursues the ball carrier.

As a pass rusher, Fehoko’s productivity has increased over the last three years. He utilizes multiple hand counters and moves to defeat blockers. He understands the importance of not overrunning the play, keeping his distance from the quarterback as he rushes from the outside. Fehoko’s technique also incorporates a two-handed swipe to reduce his opponents’ hitting surface and eliminate their hands altogether.

Despite his overall success, Fehoko’s playing style has some limitations. He does not have an explosive or quick first step to dominate the vertical outside path. This will make snap timing incredibly important for his success. Additionally, he does not possess a flexible bend off the edge to corner steep angles. Instead, he relies primarily on his hand-fighting skills to win quickly. His movements lack the fluidity and speed of some of his teammates, which means that he must make up for these limitations with his technical proficiency.


Fehoko’s greatest asset as a defensive end is his agility and flexibility. He has shown an ability to quickly dip and bend around the edge, using his quickness to outpace opposing linemen and get to the quarterback. Additionally, Fehoko is strong enough to hold his ground at the point of attack, both inside and out, which add versatility to his game.

One area where Fehoko could improve is in his strength and size. Depending on the team that drafts him and how they plan to use him, he may need to add more muscle to his frame in order to be effective in certain defensive alignments. However, if he is able to do so, he could become an even more versatile player capable of excelling in a 3-4 defense, for example.
He is at his best when he is able to use a combination of speed, change-of-direction ability, and savvy instinct to become a force on the defensive line. With his quickness off the line of scrimmage and violent hands, Fehoko possesses the raw talent and potential to become an effective pass rusher in the NFL.


While he shows potential in this area, he has room for improvement when it comes to effectively chasing down opponents. The lack of success with shedding blockers is also an issue that Fehoko faces, and he struggles to exhibit ideal lateral movement in these situations. In order to improve his game, he must work on making better use of his length and hands when it comes to manipulating the pass rush. Additionally, Fehoko struggles to maintain balance and stability when facing bigger linemen. This lack of anchor strength often results in Fehoko failing to set the edge against these larger opponents.

Viliami Fehoko is the 138th prospect on our draft big board.