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Will Levis

Will Levis draft profile

Will Levis

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Will Levis draft profile

Will Levis Draft Profile 

Will Levis NFL Draft Scouting Report

Will Levis is from Newton, Massachusetts, and attended Xavier High School in Middletown, Connecticut, where he set several records as a senior, including the most passing touchdowns in a single season with 27 and the most passing yards with 2,793. After committing to play college football at Penn State, Levis transferred to the University of Kentucky in 2021.

Collegiate Career

The Penn State transfer had a strong performance for the Kentucky Wildcats during the 2021 season, starting in 11 games and completing 185 of 283 passes for 2,406 yards and 19 scores. Despite throwing 10 interceptions, Levis was ranked fourth in the SEC and 27th nationally in pass efficiency with a rating of 151.9. This was largely due to his impressive yards per pass attempt, which placed him fourth in the SEC and 23rd nationally with an average of 8.50 yards per attempt.

Levis was also a threat in the end zone, ranking fifth in the SEC in passing touchdowns with 19. Over the course of his college career at Kentucky, he accounted for 54 total touchdowns, 43 passing and 11 rushing. His 43 career touchdown passes put him fifth on the school’s all-time list, and his 5,233 passing yards place him sixth on the program’s all-time list. Levis also had six 300-yard passing games during his time at Kentucky, which ranks fourth-most in school history.

Will Levis Draft Profile

Will Levis forty yard dash- 4.72 seconds

Player Comparison- Carson Wentz

Passing and arm strength

Levis stands out for his unique combination of size, mobility, and arm talent, all of which are highly valued by NFL evaluators. He boasts an impressively strong arm and is able to throw with velocity and precision, making him a top-level quarterback prospect. His throwing mechanics are also noteworthy, as he has a clean, sharp motion and a snappy release that is pleasing to watch.

Levis throws very catchable passes and it’s almost mesmerizing to watch him throw.


One of the things that sets Levis apart from other quarterbacks is his ability to use his legs. His mobility makes him a threat on the field, as he can scramble for big yards if he breaks containment. This puts man-to-man coverages in conflict and forces defenses to play at their best. Levis also expands the playbook with his ability to run QB keepers, power, counter, and zone-read concepts. He was used initially at Penn State as a red-zone weapon for his strong rush ability near the goal line.

This mobility could be paired with a quick passing game in the same mold as Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. Any team selecting him should strongly consider at least partially mixing in RPOs or in the very least play action throughout the season.

Will Levis Scouting Report- Strengths

The Kentucky QB has been playing in a form of Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan’s NFL offense for two seasons, which has given him a strong understanding of the game. Levis is able to make protection checks and calls at the line of scrimmage, which will be a major asset for him as he moves forward. With his physical traits, Levis has the potential to be a big time gunslinger for an NFL offense and carry them to success.

He has the ability to throw passing TDs from anywhere on the field. He can make throws to receivers outside the hashes with ease. No throw is too tough for this passer, but its this strength that can also be his greatest weakness.

With his quick release and strong arm, expect his team to utilize play action.

Will Levis Scouting Report- Weaknesses

However, Levis is not a perfect quarterback. He has been known to trust his arm too much and test coverage windows, which can lead to interceptions or near-turnover throws. This will be easy pickings for pro defenders.

He has the ability to turn broken plays into touchdowns but in games NFL level, many times its better to opt for a check-down or simply throw the ball away. If the pocket collapses due to pressure, you can’t give the opposing team easy turnovers. Expect defenders to try to bait him into make those type of throws next fall.

He struggles with accuracy and ball placement, as he lacks touch and ball speed on downfield passes. He needs to do a better job protecting the football and accepting check down options. He still managed a high completion percentage at Kentucky, but Levis will not be so lucky at the next level as he was near tops in the country in yards per pass attempt.

He tends to lock onto his initial passing option, which can limit his effectiveness in the progression of the play. Levis also has a tendency to hold onto the ball for too long and needs to improve his ability to pivot to the next read.

Each game and season is long at the professional level. An NFL QB needs to know when to take a shot and, even more importantly, when not to. The best in the league can throw a receiver open, but they don’t consistently force the issue either.

Finally, his lower-body mechanics can be inconsistent, which affects his timing and rhythm.


Will Levis Draft Profile Summary- 2023 NFL Draft

Will Levis is a high-ceiling prospect with a diverse range of NFL outcomes. Although he has all the physical attributes and the know-how to be a successful NFL quarterback, he is not a finished product.

Some will compare him to a Wentz since he was a bit of an unknown commodity out of North Dakota State. Others will compare him to Justin Herbert or Josh Allen due to his size and arm strength.

Any prospect like Levis definitely needs to land in a spot with a strong QB support system and where he’ll have the leash to grow and make mistakes along the way. Hopefully he can land in a spot with a solid offensive coaching staff and at least one smart and savvy veteran receiver. Herbert got Keenan Allen and Josh Allen got Stefon Diggs.

Many 2023 NFL draft analysts project the Kentucky QB to be the 3rd passer off the board behind Bryce Young and CJ Stroud. Most expect an NFL team to trade up to draft him, such as the Colts or the Raiders.

Plus Side:

  • Wicked strong arm with quick release
  • Solid completion percentage
  • Size and strong runner


  • Questionable decision making, forces ball into tight windows
  • Didn’t play against the best collegiate defenses. Nothing to really show for time at Penn State
  • Needs to show improvement when facing pressure and the pocket collapses

There are rough edges that need smoothing out, and he must work on his accuracy, ball placement, and decision-making, but his potential upside is off the charts. It seems like the Kentucky quarterback will either be an unbelievable hit or a complete miss.

We have Will Levis as our 3rd ranked QB and 5th overall on our draft big board.