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Will Mallory

Will Mallory draft profile

Will Mallory

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Will Mallory draft profile

High School and College Career

From Providence High School, Will Mallory was rated as a 4-star recruit and decided to join the Miami Hurricanes football program. As a freshman in 2018, he saw action in 10 games. He ohad 5 receptions for just 37 yards. The following year, as a sophomore in 2019, Mallory played in 13 games and caught 16 passes for 293 yards. His average yards per catch for the season was an impressive 18.3 and he scored 2 touchdowns.

As a junior in 2020, Mallory’s performance continued to impress, playing in 11 games and recording 22 catches for 329 yards, with a respectable average of 15.0 yards per catch. He also managed to score 4 touchdowns, and his QB rating when targeted skyrocketed to an impressive 134.6. Mallory’s skills were not limited to when the ball was in his hands either, as he proved to be an effective pass blocker against opposing teams, giving up only 9 pressures with no sacks.

The following season as a senior in 2021, Mallory’s numbers dipped slightly, recording 30 catches for 347 yards and an average yard per catch of 11.6. Despite this, he continued to score touchdowns, notching 4 over the course of the season. Additionally, his QB rating when targeted remained strong at 124.9, and he continued to showcase his pass-blocking abilities, only giving up 2 pressures and one sack throughout the season.

Mallory’s final season at Miami in 2022 saw him gain the status of a fifth-year senior, finishing his college career with an impressive 42 catches for 542 yards at an average of 12.9 yards per catch, scoring 3 touchdowns in total. Once again, he displayed his strengths as a pass blocker, giving up only 2 pressures and no sacks throughout the season. His QB rating when targeted was also excellent, at 109.6.

Will Mallory Scouting Report Introduction

Will Mallory, the Miami tight end, offers a sturdy but unspectacular play in all phases of the position, making him an ideal option to fill a niche role on an NFL roster. Mallory’s strengths lie mostly in his pass-catching abilities while also providing versatility in his alignments. He has showcased effective mobility and hand strength when serving as a point man on quick RPO throws versus numbers on the perimeter or when Miami implemented the screen game. Moreover, he has been utilized in designed trick plays that set up defenses with trickery, showing good open-field vision. However, his ability as a pass-catcher comes with limitations, as he struggles to run away from leverage or create separation on his own. Instead, Mallory has also done well to find soft spaces against zone coverage, running sit and stick routes.

For Mallory to serve as a Y tight end in the NFL or expand his role as a player, he will need further development in the blocking roles of the position to become a more assertive in-line blocker. Despite his success in perimeter play as a flexed player in screen action, his work in the box and when fitting defensive linemen leaves much room for improvement. Mallory often gets bubbled and collapsed too often, even when working laterally to climb to second-level defenders. Furthermore, he is not overly dynamic, which raises questions about his ceiling, and it remains to be seen whether he can drastically change his body composition. Teams looking to draft him will need to navigate these limitations.


Mallory is a skilled tight end who is able to move the chains and make successful plays in the red zone. He possesses a good burst off the snap and his quick hands and good balance make it easy for him to gain a clean release and maintain control of the ball.

Mallory is also an accomplished runner with excellent vision in the open field. He is capable of contributing as a run blocker on the perimeter. Despite his lean physique, Mallory has obvious upside and has already shown that he possesses soft hands that are capable of making difficult catches.

One of Mallory’s greatest strengths is his impressive speed, which sets him apart from many other tight ends. He possesses a second gear to accelerate and is consistently a big-play threat on the field. This burst off the snap could potentially allow him to be split out wide in the NFL, adding even greater versatility to his already impressive skillset.


When it comes to tracking the ball, Will Mallory has a good enough ability to do so. However, an issue arises when he lets the ball get too close to his body downfield, instead of snatching it with his hands. This could potentially result in a decrease in catch success and may pose a problem when it comes to high-pressure situations.

Mallory’s lack of twitch is noticeable in his inability to create consistent separation from defenders. Furthermore, despite having an admirable size and ability to track the ball downfield, he may not excel in catching the ball in contested situations. H needs to use and trust his hands more. Body catches won’t cut it at the next level.

In terms of being a blocker, Mallory’s frame limits his upside in this area. Teams shouldn’t expect him to be an active participant in this facet of the game.

Will Mallory is the 133rd prospect on our draft big board.