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YaYa Diaby

YaYa Diaby draft profile

YaYa Diaby

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Edge/DE, Edge Rusher
YaYa Diaby draft profile

High School and College Career

YaYa Diaby from Georgia Military College High School was a 3-star recruit and commiited to the Louisville Cardinals football program.

Diaby’s first season with the Cardinals was in 2020, where he saw action in eight games and played an impressive total of 245 snaps. He showed promise as a solid defensive player, recording 13 tackles and 14 total pressures, with 14 QB hurries.

Moving into his sophomore year in 2021, he played in 13 games and took part in 429 snaps. Diaby recorded 30 tackles and 22 total pressures, 18 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and 2 sacks for the year.

In 2022, during his junior year, Diaby played in 12 games, for 452 snaps. He finished with 14 tackles and produced 31 total pressures, with 16 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and a remarkable 9 sacks.

YaYa Diaby Scouting Report Introduction

YaYa Diaby has been a valuable player for the University of Louisville for the past three years. He began his collegiate career in the JuCo ranks at Georgia Military College before transferring to Louisville. Throughout his time at Louisville, Diaby has continuously improved, culminating in an impressive 2022 season where he posted 7.5 sacks and 33 total tackles.

One of Diaby’s strengths is his physical profile. He possesses a well-proportioned lower half for power and good arm length as an edge rusher. He also excels in multiple gap alignments along the defensive front. However, he could benefit from focusing on one alignment and mastering that position.

Diaby is a player who is at his best when he uses his arm length in combination with his natural upper body strength to win as a pass rusher. He is a speed-to-power pass rusher whose go-to move is a long-arm that he uses to knock offensive linemen into the pocket to get to the quarterback. Diaby’s strong, heavy hands are noticeable, and they instantly affect the offensive lineman when he shoots them. Diaby is also effective in disrupting the run game on twists and stunts. He locates the opening on a stunt and shoots the gap to penetrate the backfield of the offense.

However, Diaby has room for improvement, particularly with his pass rush skills. He is a straight-line pass rusher lacking a lateral counter move to be able to attack an offensive lineman at different angles. Once his primary pass-rush move is defeated, he has few other moves to execute. Additionally, Diaby has some lower-body stiffness that affects his ability to change direction and move laterally. When it comes to defending against the run, Diaby plays high, which can result in him being displaced off of the line of scrimmage.

As an NFL prospect, Diaby would be best utilized as a designated pass rusher early on in his career. He has the potential to develop into a strong run-stopper and add more moves to his pass-rush repertoire. With continued development, he has the potential to become a valuable asset to any NFL team.


One football player who has caught the attention of many is YaYa Diaby. As a high-motor pass rusher, Diaby displays impressive skills that enable him to contribute greatly to his team. He has a good sense for countering his opponents’ moves, showcasing his talents as a strategic player.
One of the most notable aspects of Diaby’s game is his quick first step and agility. His ability to shed blocks and use lower-body strength to anchor inside is also impressive, further adding to his versatility. Diaby’s active hands are one of his best assets, utilizing them with precision to overpower his opponents. He combines his initial quickness with excellent power – this means he can create a lot of force during the play, making him an invaluable addition to his team.


YaYa Diaby is a football player who has received attention for his abilities on the pitch. While he is known for always being involved in the game, he has also been criticized for losing control and distancing himself from the action. Diaby’s heavy-footedness is noted as a particular drawback, along with his lack of athleticism in the lower half of his body.

Diaby’s limited athleticism also impacts his speed and range on the field, as he is found unable to pursue plays actively. These limitations may hinder Diaby’s contribution to his team as a defender or back-up support.

YaYa Diaby is the 174th prospect on our draft big board.