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How to get your content approved and published?

Below are some tips that we’ve put together and will continue to expand upon to help writers get their submissions approved to the site. We are strict with your approvals and are looking for passionate fans and contributors who want to write about their favorite teams without having to worry about setting up and running a site.

We have the right to refuse any submission for any reason, and we outline our membership agreement and terms of use.


The first step is to make sure you’re focused with your content. What team or teams are you writing about and do you cover s specific topic or scope?


We do not support foul, sexual, or rough language. We expect a professional tone when writing.

That being said, the tone should not be stuffy or overly complex. We’re not looking for scientific research papers and no fan will want to read that. You can certainly include humor and should be direct when making a point or opinion without beating around the bush.

A good rule of thumb to use is to ask yourself, would this language be accepted by other publishing sites like ESPN, NFL Network, or CBS Sports? If the answer is clearly no, you should edit it prior to submission. None of us are professional writers and that’s the point of this site. Everyone can have valid opinions and takes on football and their team. We want this site to be a place where real discussions and analysis can take place by anyone, but without the nonsense and attacks found on Twitter.

Mistakes are expected, but really poor quality and laziness aren’t. Disagreements are expected, but personal attacks and insults aren’t.

Word Count and Length

We encourage longer-form articles as much as possible. This encourages writers to do deep dives with plenty of analysis and evidence. We do not recommend writers to lengthen articles just for the sake or word count. Fluff material is never good. We approve articles of at least 300 words, but the optimal range is 500-3,000. You can go beyond the 3,000 mark if you wish, but we will not publish any articles below 300 and only occasionally under 500.


Data is a key part of getting your writing approved for publication on this site. We’re looking for contributors to back up their opinions and suggestions with data, stats, and numbers. We obviously are partial to contract and cap numbers taken from our player contract and team cap space pages, but other data can be used. Great examples are snap counts and player/team game stats.


A great tip is to study the published articles on this site. Look at their structure, topic, and language. How are the sections broken up and how many stats and cap numbers are used to back up the opinions?


Short and quick paragraphs are encouraged as much as possible. Divide up different sections with headers. Again, study other articles published on this site for guidance.


We would recommend using spellcheck at the very minimum. We do/can edit submissions for any reason, including spelling, grammatical, language, and data reasons. However, if a post submission clearly has not been double-checked and proofread before submission, approval is not likely. We are not editors and contributors should be thoroughly preparing their submissions beforehand.

A tool we love to use is Grammarly. This is not mandatory, but we do find it helpful for writers. They offer a free and paid version depending upon your preferences.


Same principles about language apply

Much of the same that applied to posts, also applies to comments, specifically surrounding language.

Obviously, structure, length, analysis, and information aren’t the same. Comments do not need to be fully formed thoughts or arguments. No insults, foul language, or other forms of nonsense will be approved.