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Our review of Todd McShay’s Broncos mock draft 4.0

Todd McShay’s Broncos mock draft 4.0, projects them taking quarterback Trey Lance with the 9th overall pick.

Although Lock was missing number one receiver Courtland Sutton last season, he still had good enough weapons around him to play significantly better than he did. Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, Noah Fant, and Melvin Gordon surrounded him and yet he was not able to build upon his strong finish in the 2019 season. To make matters worse, he’s in the same division as Justin Herbert, who had an incredibly successful rookie campaign.

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In Lance, the Broncos would be splitting the decision of stick with or moving on from Drew Lock. They could keep Lock and let him in start in 2021, while drafting his heir apparent. This would make the most sense for the Broncos due to two main reasons. First, it is widely agreed that due to Trey Lance’s small number of starts, in addition to his small sample size in each of those games as South Dakota State was a run heavy team that allowed had Lance throw roughly twenty times a game, they would be wise to sit their new draft pick in his rookie season. He is the least NFL ready out of the top prospects, which would allow Denver to start Lock and have a backup solution. Secondly, they will more than likely not be in excellent position to take a quarterback in 2022. They can’t expect to encounter another draft class with five premier prospects. Now is their chance to land a franchise quarterback without sacrificing additional draft capital. 

If Lock does perform well, they can decide during 2022 offseason which direction they would like to move in. Do they keep both on the roster again with Lock as the starter or do they try to move one of them?

In the second round of Todd McShay’s Broncos mock draft 4.0, he projects the pick to be cornerback Asante Samuel Jr.

There’s consensus among most analysts that the Broncos will address the cornerback position with one of their first two picks. Because they go quarterback with the 9th pick, they’ll have to wait until pick 40 to get their new cornerback to team up with Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby.

The Broncos defense was weak in the secondary and when facing the Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders six times a year, they need a talented and deep secondary just to give them a chance to be in most of those games.

Samuel is versatile corner and one that is instinctive. Denver is hoping that he has the same knack for turnovers as his father and if Von Miller and Bradley Chubb can return to form, Asante Samuel Jr. should have ample opportunities for interceptions.

In just two picks in Todd McShay’s Broncos mock draft 4.0, Denver lands their quarterback of the future in Trey Lance and a cornerback to solidify their secondary. I would expect them to add a running back and a couple of defensive lineman in the following rounds. They have a lot of the pieces necessary to give them a chance to leapfrog the Chargers and the Raiders and compete for a wildcard spot. Any missing pieces, they’re in great position to acquire in this draft.

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